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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 freezes / locks up when using hard drive

    Same here it is very annoying (I dont care for grub2 also)
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    Re: Grub 2 Basics

    and why is this better? we should have a choice I thought that is what open source was about grub2 is a pain in the a** and at this point I have had to give up on Linux I need a multi-boot system for...
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    something is wrong with ...

    I just bought a new computer compaq CQ60-224NR w/ 250 hdd 3G ram pentium dual core and I installed wubi/ kubuntu to test the thing out before doing a "native" install and things went wrong fast....
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    alltel quicklink mobile

    I am trying to get the alltel quicklink mobile to work with wine, the program runs but it will not detect my blackberry as a modem I've tried kppp and wvdial and just can't get it to work this is the...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: I'm a new user and need help!!

    I guess no one has had this problem I guess this would make me a new and former user thank you though I read every book in the store and can find nothing on this
  6. [ubuntu] Re: I'm a new user and need help!!

    thank you for all the help :) I still cannot get it back being new to this perhaps I need more detail on what to do:confused: please help if anyone can I wish I could send a screen shot but it is on...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: I'm a new user and need help!!

    I cannot get to anything except the sound icon and user name I switched left to right on the "top bar" and cannot get to my menu at all when the cat hit my arm the selection was clicked fron the...
  8. [ubuntu] I'm a new user and need help!!

    I just started using linux for the first time and am enjoying it vary much I have a problem and need help I am running ubuntu 8.10 and as I was playing with it on screen resolution my cat hit my arm...
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