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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Wifi on Dell Latitude D600 using Ubuntu 10.10

    This works on my Dell Latitude with a BCM4306 rev 02....until I reboot.
    For some reason when I reboot the /lib/firmware/b43legacy directory disappears and I can no longer connect via wireless.
  2. [ubuntu] dell Latitude D600, dual Screen, need help

    Hello all,

    I've attempted several different approaches I've found on these forums, but lack the chops I guess to see them through. Is there a driver for the ATI Radeo RV250 (Mobility FireGL 9000...
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    Re: Multiplying very large matrices

    Paul, USB sick memory is very slow. Slower than disk. And it has a limited number of writes (it's flash). If you have to use files, use disk files.

  4. QEMU minimum requirements for PowerPC emulation

    We need to set up a development environment to write and debug code for the PowerPC.

    I'm confused by what are the minimum requirements for the linux host for QEMU.
    Are two CPU's...
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    Re: C source code for Math Functions in libm

    thanks for the apt-get suggestion.
    That worked.
    I found the source files you pointed me to.
    Those are all either stubs, or wrappers to the ieee_754 libraries.

    Where do I get those source codes?...
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    Re: C source code for Math Functions in libm

    listing files..
    a program I worked in 2002 we would compile with a make file and we would get compiler output (.lst) files showing all the errors and line numbers where the errors were.

    Also, we...
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    C source code for Math Functions in libm

    I need to do instruction cycle counting for a kalman filter algorithm in double precision floating point.
    I can't find the actual source codes for the math functions.

    As we will be...
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