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  1. [all variants] Re: install ubuntu for the first time on an old computer :(

    with that much ram you should have no problem running a clean install of ubuntu server edition. I used to run one on a 96 mb ram machine. had the command line, file sharing and a basic web site.
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    Re: What is your Uptime?

    15:52:43 up 12 days, 16:02, 1 user, load average: 0.13, 0.14, 0.11

    i've seen it up to 4 months, before a power outage...
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    Re: Apple announces App Store for MacOS X

    the mac app store has been a coming for a long time now, If microsoft tried something like that the EU and the US government would be all over it. I really doubt big software companies (microsoft...
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    Re: C# API Documentation

    the online documentation is pretty good, but not as good as the java documentation
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    Re: I just stopped a huge line at the airport

    another reason i'd rather not fly
  6. Re: This should be included in the default Ubuntu install.

    ubuntu needs a simple "paint" type program included, the gimp is great but a little over whelming when all i need to do is crop a screen shot and paste it into an email.
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    Re: Things that you hate in Ubuntu

    I hated that after upgrading the minimize/maximize/close icons where on the left hand side of the window bar, very irritating. but a quick change in desktop theme fixed that up.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can you use Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop as a server

    install apache and you have an instant web server. is probably the first thing that I would remove if you want your desktop install to be strictly a server.
  9. Re: My (java) programs works well with normal amount of input/outputs not crazy amoun

    the solution to this issue is as others have said. Just know that your solution is optimal and I seriously doubt any teacher would mark off because of the interger overflow. don't stress.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Defrag????? Come have a laugh......

    I've used ubuntu solidly for 4 years now, never needed to defrag (and in my opinion you should never need to worry about that) and I have never caught a virus on any of my linux computers. Just...
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    Re: Canonical throttling repos?

    upgrading to the RC 2 or 3 days early or upgrading 2 or 3 days after the release is always the best bet.
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    Poll: Re: Cloud storage vs Local storage

    it's not that i don't trust google, I like the cloud but there are just some things i don't want floating out there.
  13. Re: Why can't we share a scanner, like we do a printer?

    I share my scanner through a web page on my server,

    I used this to share my scanner across my network, and tweaked it to allow direct scanning of pdfs.
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    Re: Intrested reading in the Vista EULA

    i agree, the keyword here is "processor." it sounds like it is one processor with 4 "cores." I am not a lawyer or elua expert so what i say is only another opinion...
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    Re: So when will we see Star Trek computers? :D

    10 years for this, 50 for it to be available to all, i'd buy that. Microsoft Sync (i know it is from microsoft, but get over it...) gives people a limited bit of that. "Play Artist ..." that is...
  16. Poll: Re: What's the difference between what Microsoft did and what Google wants to do?

    I agree with many things you say but I can't help but come to different conclusions. I have always taken every thing that Microsoft says with a grain of salt, and have for quite a while; however, as...
  17. Poll: Re: How many of you switched to Linux because of the freedom appeal?

    Freedom is great, but for me it is simply better than the other choices out there.
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    Re: Your favorite beer?

    Mueller lager (a local brew) or Boulevard Pale Ale. Personally nothing is better than a Buffalo chicken sandwich and a lager.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Turbo Tax in Ubuntu

    agree, if you wish to do your own taxes (in the US) you will need a windows machine to use what ever tax software you purchase. turbo tax or otherwise
  20. Re: Humorus thread - Linux answers vs Windows Answers

    I need to do X with my computer...

    Windows: go to the store and buy program Y, stick the disk in you computer, click on the button(s) (ignoring every line of text that appears on your screen) and...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Can't connect to Apache server from LAN computers

    i'm not seeing it in your post, but what happens when you go to from your mac book, or non-local computer? I see that you can ping it and i'm assuming you tried to go to...
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    Poll: Re: What Anti-virus do you use?

    the latest and greatest AV software will never be able to protect people from being stupid. don't give out personal information, don't download unknown files, and don't click on the links in emails...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Getting to Know the Basics

    as a recent CS graduate i can testify to that nasty habit :lolflag: if you really want to play the inner workings computer then only advice i can give is have an ultimate plan B, I.E. a legit...
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    Re: Does one have to be a coffee-drinker?

    2+ cups every day when i get into the office, I like my home brew better but it is cheaper to drink the office brew
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    Re: Making a living on linux

    I love linux and ubuntu, but i make a living on windows. i write software for my local electric cooperative and we are a pretty small shop. My company is a 100% microsoft shop. I write C# code on...
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