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  1. [ubuntu] Re: lightdm does'nt recognize my yearlong password

    I deleted the Xauthority to no avail and then apt-got nvidia current to reinstall the video driver which brought only further disaster. We all know there are wars of a kind between the tech...
  2. [ubuntu] lightdm does'nt recognize my yearlong password

    I'm sure like most of us Ubuntu users, I enjoy trying to figure out my own problems and slaying a zombie walker on occasion...snarf. I have never ran into this problem with ubuntu however. Pulse...
  3. [xubuntu] Re: Skype alternative that works on ubuntu and android?

    I may be misunderstanding, but I run the Skype for Linux from and Skype from the Play store. Are there outstanding reasons making that not an option for you? Not trying to be a smarty but...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Firefox Flash player plugin on Ubuntu 12.04.2 64 bit and Youtube HD videos

    I am unsure if the the Linux and Flash relationship extends to HD video. I am unsure of those tutorials as they don't even give the right permissions to flash:
    2.) Change file permission via:
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    [ubuntu] Re: GRUB rescue prompt?

    Please excuse any duplicate info :)

    If you type 'ls' as a command you will get a list of your hardrives. You can then go then iterate through them using, for...
  6. Re: Problem configuring jdk on ubuntu for glassfish v2.1 install

    I don't currently have the JDK installed but consider this a shot in the dark. Please make sure you have the JDK and not just the JRE.
    I also have nothing but the variable PATH in...
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    Re: making the rounds/frustration abounds

    Sorry but I do not use screen savers, but I would install Synaptic, click all categories filter then do a quick find for 'screen savers. To install
    Synaptic at a terminal enter 'sudo apt-get install...
  8. Re: How do I change the Icon of a program differently from normal methods?

    It might be in '/usr/local/share/icons/hicolor' directory. Take a look there.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 13.04 refuses to recognise my NTFS external hard drive

    Hi, you'll want to find out what device it is odds are it is scdd or scde. Making a mistake here will not matter you'll just. get an error message. Mkdir my 'drive'. Type 'mount -t NTFS -o rw...
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    [ubuntu] Re: NVidea Dashboard Command

    Plenty more to play with here:

    Remember' at least in MHO open source and Nvidia are mutually exclusive beasts.
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    [ubuntu] Re: NVidea Dashboard Command

    Just type 'Nvidia' at the dashboard prompt, unless something is wrong, the settings icon will show up.
    Good luck.
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    [ubuntu] Re: aufs supported in 13.04 kernel?

    I am running Ubuntu 13.04. The command 'uname -a' results in
    Linux Ubuntand 3.8.0-25-generic #37-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 6 20:47:07 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

    According to SourceForge:...
  13. Re: What are general rules for overloading method in java?

    Thank you, all this time I believed it required.
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    [SOLVED] Re: If dpkg can grep then can it find?

    Try to do an 'apt-get purge mfc240clpr && apt-get update' or maybe more simpley the purge. Also, try the -f option in apt-get - 'apt-get --help'
    Best of luck.
  15. Re: What are general rules for overloading method in java?

    If you have a class and want too override say, toString(), you would put the @Override notation before the method like:

    public class SmartyPants
    public String toString() {...
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    Re: update-grub command encounters an error

    As a last resort I believe you can reinstall grub on the had drive that you boot from although you may lose any changes you made.
    For me it was 'grub-install /dev/sdb' since I boot from the 2nd sata...
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    [ubuntu] Re: my audio is gone

    I am not sure if this is what you are looking for but I have had numerous problems with sound with my little soundblaster (CA0106) sice Precise. It does take some tinkering.

    To start I put on a...
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    Re: Nvidia Proprietary Drivers on 12.04

    I wonder what 'lsmod' would have said at that point?
    Maybe the Noveau module and Nvidea module was there at the same time?

    During the installation of Nvidea's driver, I got the impression it was...
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    Re: Nvidia Proprietary Drivers on 12.04

    I installed the newest Nvidia driver they offered from

    It will offer to 'blacklist' the Noveau modules in order to work. I just do not think Nvidea and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Software Maintenance Questions

    They done busted up my little Creative sound card (CA0106) since 12.04.
    Play the login screen drums and then it runs off after login.
    I do still like Ubuntu the best though.
    Sorry to butt in...2...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to mount ext3 drive.

    According to this Debian info at

    You can use 'parted /dev/sdc print' to get the real partitions since the fdisk listing is going to be wrong.

    I hope the...
  22. Thread: Reset password

    by sum1nil

    [ubuntu] Re: Reset password

    Try "sudo mount -t auto -o rw,remount /dev/sdXX / " where sdXX is the drive and partition of your root volume.
    If you type "mount" by itself then hopefully root i.e. '/' will show up in the list...
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    Re: Install package

    Really need to know what type of file you are working with. What is the extension? Does it have one?

    I am guessing you don't mean what to do after 'make install' after compiling from source,...
  24. Re: How to extract a specific file from the archive to a specific location?

    From the folks at StackOverflow:

    The thread was closed at that answer, but I can't...
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    Re: Highest resolution is 1024x768

    Here is the link to the Ubuntu Wiki on how to use Xrandr to test resolutions on the fly even:

    You may want to check lsmod to see if an actual...
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