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    Re: Wan't to change the login screen

    If you mean the background and the logo/icon, you can install Ubuntu Tweak to do that. Make sure your picture is somewhere accessible before you logon (don't use a background image in your encrypted...
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    [ubuntu] Re: rezise partition

    I'd boot up Ubuntu from a CD (or USB stick) and run gparted to resize your partitions.

    If you didn't do too much to customize your Ubuntu (like install lots of extra software) or don't mind...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: 10.4: Catalyst 10.5 released today, how to uninstall old drivers?

    It's okay - I got it going now. I was using the 10.4, but I installed the 10.5 over it without uninstalling the 10.4 drivers. Compiz didn't work after that. I thought it would be more intuitive...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: 10.4: Catalyst 10.5 released today, how to uninstall old drivers?

    I can't get compiz working with 10.5 drivers from the ATI site. Compiz worked fine with 10.4.
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    Re: KDE or Gnome?

    I always end up installing KDE along with Gnome just because I look at the monthly thread where everyone posts pics of their desktops. I'll use KDE for a couple of days just changing my desktop...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Upgrade to 10.04 Wrecks Firefox fonts

    I have the same problem as well. The font smoothing isn't working or something in Firefox and Thunderbird. I even tried installing FF from the daily PPA builds.

    Anyways, I resorted to trying...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Moving my VirtualBox XP Machine to Ubuntu 10.1..

    +1 This always works for me.
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Small and neat alternative to Rhythmbox for online radio.

    Rythmbox-shoutcast works okay, but it shows multiples of the same station. Not sure why? Maybe different bit rate streams of the same station?

    I just use the internet browser interface for...
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    Re: How To: Nautilus Dual Panel Karmic/Juanty

    I tried it out in Karmic and when I rebooted/relogin my CPU was showing a high load. The desktop pointer got stuck in the busy state - like it still was trying to complete something before handing...
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    Re: Ambitious April Screenshots 2010

    I think it looks like the Meliae icon set.
  11. [ubuntu] Re: virtualbox usb printer greyed out other usb ok

    Adding myself to the lp group and re-logging back in worked for me as well. Thanks.\\:D/
  12. [ubuntu] Re: virtualbox usb printer greyed out other usb ok

    +1 here

    Other USB devices show up in the list - usb printer is greyed out. Tried my VM (Windows XP) on two computers (Ubuntu 9.10 and VB 3.0.10) and the same thing.
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    Re: Runes of Magic (Game for Wine)

    I get to the logon screen, but when I enter my account name and password they are not accepted. I tried the same account name and password on the website and it works. It just doesn't work when...
  14. Re: Zoneminder Security Webcam (updated walkthrough)

    What you need is an ip camera. It can connect via your wired/wireless network and send picture/video.
  15. Re: Best way to show off Gnome/Compiz bells & whistles?

    Change your Focus Animation to the Dodge. It looks cool when you click on a window in the back and the other windows in front slide out of the way to make room for the window in the back to slide up...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor panel applet doesn't paint itself

    I find that when it does this, it's easier to just to right-click on an empty spot on the panel. Then click on Properties (to get to the Panel Properties), then check or uncheck 'Show hide buttons',...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Not all packages appearing in Synaptic

    I tried the Add/Remove... from the Applications menu on the desktop and was able to find the program I want installed (glabels), but when I look for it in Synaptic Package Manager it doesn't show up.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Not all packages appearing in Synaptic

    Sorry, bad mistake for anyone reading what I wrote earlier. I was on the wrong computer.

    I have the same problem as the original poster. Programs I want aren't showing in Synaptic Package...
  19. [ubuntu] Acer 7720 resume from suspend/hibernate lockup

    I've got an Acer 7720 -6208 (with Intel X3100 graphics), Ubuntu 8.10 64bit.

    The problem I have is that I can't resume from suspend or hibernate. When I try to resume, the screen lock window...
  20. Thread: steam games

    by B00R4dL3y

    [ubuntu] Re: steam games

    Under the "My games" tab:

    right-click "Team Fortress 2", select "Properties"

    click "Set launch options..."

    add "-dxlevel 81"

    should work after that. I have "-dxlevel 81 -window" to get...
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    Re: ZSNES Run Problem

    If you just installed Gutsy and pulled ZSNES from the repos then it probably won't start. I did the same and I think it complained about some file/directory not being there. I think I did the trick...
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    Re: HOWTO: Logitech G7 Mouse

    I reverted my xorg.conf's "Configured Mouse" back to the original. Installed btnx, but I can't get the side button on my mouse to work in Firefox for some reason. I've assigned it to be KEY_LEFT...
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    Re: HOWTO: Logitech G7 Mouse

    I can use the below to get my G7 working, but sometimes when I reboot, the display isn't recognized properly and I get a really low resolution screen (xorg.conf.failsafe replaces my xorg.conf file). ...
  24. Thread: Wine and TF2

    by B00R4dL3y

    Re: Wine and TF2

    When I quit, hl2.exe goes <defunct>. Is there a way to kill the process? Steam won't let me exit. It says there's an application still running and won't let me exit.
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    Re: recommend me a gamepad

    I use a Logitech Rumblepad II (usb wired) gamepad. Works with ZSNES without any problems.
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