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  1. Re: Ubuntu on Smartphones - Ubuntu and Android both?

    Yes its possible, but there is a fair amount of 'hacking' involved. This is a thread for the Nexus 7 about using multiple Android roms and Ubuntu on the one device and selecting at boot...
  2. Re: What Android phone do you recommend installing Ubuntu on?

    The Nexus 4 device is something to consider - and there is also an all in one rooting toolkit available for it designed for Linux.

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    Re: Install Ubuntu on Android

    There is also the Linux on Android team over at XDA:

    I run Ubuntu on my Nexus 7 (yet to try on my Xperia Z) and it works really well - they...
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    Re: Will Ubuntu apply to Mars-One mission?

    I recently applied (in all seriousness) for NASA's 2012 ASCAN intake (applied at the urging of an astronaut, however rejected because they are not taking non-US citizens at the moment, my...
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    Poll: Re: Do You Actually Like Your Job?

    I love my job, have done for the last 20 years :)

    I love it so much, I also volunteer and do the same job for free outside of working hours!
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I was nearly tempted to dual boot because I was nearly tempted to get a new iPad, but that wanton desire has since passed with the Nexus 7 (and not 'needing' the iOS apps I thought I would after...
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    [ubuntu] Re: galaxy nexus and 12.04 32 bit


    Thats what I meant...bit rusty with Ubuntu at the moment though

    /mnt/somedir with somedir being the mount point of your phone on ubuntu

    Can you connect the phone just as usb mass...
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    Re: how to root android under ubuntu

    To root nearly all Android devices on Ubuntu you can use SuperOneClick from here:

    Support can be found here:...
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    [ubuntu] Re: galaxy nexus and 12.04 32 bit

    Just a guess but I would suggest (after having read a similar repsonse on another site) that somedir refers to whatever directory /mnt/xxxxx your Android device is.

    Similar to when you are...
  10. Re: What do you do when you are bored out of your mind?

    Bored? Get outside and do some excercise...its actually very good for stimulating the mind as well as the body. Beats sitting in front of the rotten TV!!

    Personally I get out on either my...
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    Re: New Cell Phone Suggestions

    No I stated in my post, I am running a full version of Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity on my HTC One XL - go have a look over at XDA Developers under the Android Apps section - you have been...
  12. Re: Apple wins injunction against samsung galaxy tab

    I just sold my iPhone 4S after getting a HTX One XL...was considering the need to have an iPad because of a few apps I USED to use...but now....I am getting a Nexus 7 instead...

    I was an Apple...
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    Re: New Cell Phone Suggestions

    You can run an Ubuntu desktop (including unity) on Android phones now :)

    I have Ubuntu 12.04 running on chroot on my HTC One XL (the LTE version, same as the one you guys in the US get on AT&T)...
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    Re: What does Linux mean to you?

    Linux means I can breath new life into my old netbook since Windows bores me...thats about it.

    Not into philosophy, rights, and all the other bla bla and I am happy to buy proprietry software on...
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    Poll: Re: What is your age and what do you use ubuntu for?

    Laughing at the younger crowd wowing at the older generation computer users, funny as I am 38, when I am 70 using a computer I am sure some 20 something will probably wow at that as well :lolflag:...
  16. [all variants] Re: Question: Mac to Ubuntu, iPad, Garmin and a Netbook.

    Thanks :) - going to wait until I have done the initial iPad sync (if I still get far since picking up my Android phone I haven't really used any iOS only apps!!) then go full Ubuntu again...
  17. [all variants] Question: Mac to Ubuntu, iPad, Garmin and a Netbook.

    Hi Everyone,

    Basically I am looking to return to Ubuntu after a few years with a Macbook Pro (that has been given to my Mum and I, in turn have aquired her old Dell Inspiron Mini netbook running...
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    Re: Unable to edit my options in User CP

    Rather than start a new thread I am going to ask here..

    Someone like me who tends to read more and not post massive amounts of posts in the other forum areas (as the answers are always there and...
  19. Poll: Re: How many of you have gone completely to a laptop?

    I rarely have the chance to sit in front of a computer these days apart from when I am at work so I just have a netbook (mainly just to upload data from my Garmin to Strava and flash my phone...)
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    Re: Unity June screenshots

    Nice looking desktop!

    I was thinking of going wih XFCE but LXDE is looking far more irresistable :D
  21. Re: Help me Decide: Samsung Galaxy S III 32GB vs iPhone 4S 32GB

    I am in the process of ditching my iPhone 4S (to get the HTC One XL this Friday which is one of the few 4G LTE phones we can get over here for Telstra)

    As a former fruit user both desktop and...
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here

    Hi (again) from Australia - Andrea is my name ):P

    I first started using Ubuntu back in the days of Warty Warthog and then the Badger....

    I used to be right into computers and GNU/Linux but...
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