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  1. [all variants] Re: Google Repositories causes stall in Update Manager

    Yes, I've been seeing the same delay of chrome package info from the google repository with 8.04. Similarly, the update finishes without problems once the download of package info is complete.
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    Re: Daylight Savings Time Adjustment

    I've got a similar problem with MythTV on 8.10. My system time is correct but my backend schedule is displaced by an hour, so all my recordings are an hour late. I've looked at solutions like: ...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: OpenOffice 3.1 too slow on Ubuntu 8.10 (Mint 6.0)

    I'm having this same speed issue with OOo 3.1 on 8.04 Hardy, but 3.0.1 had been smooth. I'm mostly working with PowerPoint files in Impress at the moment. System Monitor shows it using lots of CPU...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu install with less than 256 MB of RAM

    I concur with the suggestions to choose another distro. I have an old 128 MB laptop that worked with older versions of Xubuntu (7.04), but encountered problems after upgrading.

    DSL: good but...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Gnome Partitioner Editor Question

    Gparted is very reliable. I've resized numerous NTFS partitions during Linux installs from the LiveCDs (of Ubuntu or other distros) and never encountered any errors in subsequent usage (Win will do...
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    Re: Bad Video on Mybuntu Front End

    Great...or so I thought. I anxiously tried what you described, hoping I'd get usable performance, but only achieved corruption of my system.
    1 ) made Mythbuntu frontend changes you...
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    Re: Bad Video on Mybuntu Front End

    I've got the same issue here. Maybe there's hope in our numbers.

    My system:
    Dell Inspiron 530n
    Mythbuntu 8.10
    Hauppauge 1600 HVR
    Saphire ATI Radeon HD 3650 w/512MB PCIe

    Everything works...
  8. Poll: Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    I voted after upgrading one computer, but had different results with another. The first (Dell Dimension 4600 desktop, 2.8 P4, 512MB RAM, 80 GB HD, etc. dual boot WinXP / Ubuntu) upgraded from Ubuntu...
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