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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Can't open file with file browsers other than Nautilus windows in 11.04

    Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to help. I moved the files away, and even logged out and then back in to restart nautilus, the error is still present...
  2. [ubuntu] Can't open file with file browsers other than Nautilus windows in 11.04


    I'm facing a crippling issue in terms of usability in Ubuntu since the last update. I chose to update my 10.10 setup toward 11.04 the day after it went out.

    Since then, I'm unable to open a...
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    Re: Minecraft will not run.

    Looks like you're having issues with OpenGL, which relies on the 3D capabilities of your card and driver.

    What is the output of :

    glxinfo | grep rendering

    If it says "Direct rendering: No",...
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    Re: just asking for comments

    Emboss is a quick and dirty trick, it makes objects such as the main rectangle look like big plastic toys. Fake 3D effects tend to look that way.

    As for the drop shadow, I don't know, it's big and...
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    Re: just asking for comments

    I don't like it. Emboss makes it look cheap, unfortunately. And the 90° drop shadow looks kinda weird.
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    Re: How much is your RAM usage.

    1.2GB out of 4GB

    I have RAM, let's fill it! Lots of apps running in parallel, compiz effects...
    Ubuntu 9.10 x64
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    Re: How to upgrade from 1.1.33 to 1.1.34

    Things are not automatic, the maintainer (namely, Scott Ritchie) has to build the package before it is released on the repository.

    I'd suggest patience.
  8. Re: Nifty November 2009 Screenshot Thread (Thumbnails only please)

    I love that mario wallpaper, would you mind sharing the link?
  9. Re: Obnoxious October 2009 Screenshot Thread( thumbnails only please)

    Preparing for the new Ubuntu:
    Actually, I like the Lithium suite, one of the finest gloss-based themes around IMO. Other glossy themes look too "bling-bling" to me, but this one does the trick.
  10. Re: What games would you like to see working perfectly in 1.2?


    First of all, I wish you, Yokozar, all the best for your application as manager for the 1.2 branch.:)

    If it was possible, I'd personnally like to see running (almost!) perfectly:

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    Re: Steam On Ubuntu 9.04?

    This is actually not completely true. By Steam, he implied hl2 which may encounter problems since the jaunty upgrade.

    Steam itself will run almost flawlessly except minor annoyances (ie Community...
  12. Re: [SOLVED] For people with loading issues on Source games!

    Please bear in mind that it won't work for the latest Source-based games, as TF2 or L4D, as they dropped support for dx7 (and even dx8 for L4D)
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    Re: Diablo 2 & No-CD patch, Not Working

    As far as I remember you have to copy d2xvideo.mpq into the Diablo II install directory as well, along with d2xmusic.mpq

    All the files on my system have lower case filenames.

    See attached...
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    Re: Left 4 Dead, windows or linux? HELP

    1.0.1 is the version included in the standard ubuntu repositories, if he hasn't added the dedicated wine repo, he's to go with 1.0.1 .

    Well that slowness issue is merely from two pages before,...
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    Re: Left 4 Dead: Video problems

    That is not true, for I can play that game without glitch and at a fairly good speed (~40fps during a heavy zombie load), and I read other reports of it running well....
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    Re: Left 4 Dead, windows or linux? HELP

    If you really plan on using OSS through the alsa compatibility layer, your line should read as follows:

    But I recommend you set ALSA as the sound output in winecfg and leave out the aoss...
  17. Re: Running Steam/Couter S.. Source... Real Laggy...

    Just a thought

    I have faced lag a while ago in Source games, I happened to change the active tab in Steam before the game actually launched (during loading).
    If the game launched while Steam was...
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    Re: December 2008 Screenshot Thread

    So minimal, way to go!

    Coud I have your wallpaper?


    Mine, as of now:

    Wallpaper: self-made, "Le Martel de Fer"
    Icons: Eikon2
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    Re: Left 4 Dead, windows or linux? HELP

    this isn't quite true, as I completed the demo on a P4 2.8GHz w/ 3GB ram and a 7600 GS 512MB AGP

    it was running @ approx. 10-12 fps even during a steady zombie charge.

    It does run, it doesn't...
  20. Re: Backing up Wine Programs for Fresh Wine Install?

    According to my experience, it is possible.

    I succesfully moved entire wine trees over my filesystem and used them right away (provided they were not corrupted themselves in any way in the first...
  21. Re: Foobar2000 0.9.6 beta 4 audio stutters on Wine 1.1.8

    In case you didn't know, ALSA output is currently broken for the latest wine builds

    Either go through OSS only, or downgrade to a previous wine...
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    Re: Virtual Desktop

    There are several ways to do this.

    One of them is to tell wine to run in a virtual desktop in the command line (leaving NO VIRTUAL DESKTOP as default)

    wine explorer...
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    Re: Vampire Masquerade Redemption in Wine

    Sorry, I am crashing at this exact point (as the Archbishop sends me defending the streets at night).
    I see the cutscene, and then the game crashes to the desktop.
  24. Thread: Left 4 Dead.

    by karth

    Re: Left 4 Dead.

    The demo actually runs almost perfectly. The only drawback I experienced is slowness, but my machine is really old.

    I think it'll require the same tweaks as for HLČ and other Source games.
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    Re: New games that work well with ubuntu?

    Left4Dead (Steam) works pretty well out of the box, apart for a relative slowness (10-12fps) on my old and outdated rig from January 2004 (P4 2.8GHz, 3Go 400MHz, GF 7600GS 512MB AGP)

    It's still...
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