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    Re: HOWTO: Fingerprint reading in Ubuntu with fprint


    this is what happened to me:

    I set up fingerprint with a digitalpersona device.
    Everything went fine, till I had difficulties at my finger getting recognized.

    I edited...
  2. [all variants] Re: uninstalled libesd-alsa0, removed half of the system

    this helped a lot, thank you..
  3. [all variants] uninstalled libesd-alsa0, removed half of the system

    Hello there,

    I've got a nice problem. I purged via adept-manager the libesd-alsa0 package, with the results, that it removed kde, kdm, amarok, well more or less half system..

    Is there a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Some update killed wired networking

    I have the same problem
    I usually get dns and ip over my router (dhcp) but since 3 days now, I can only connect to the internet, when I manually set my nameserver.
    But I still cannot connect to my...
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