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  1. Is there a way to get captions to display in recordings?

    I get the feeling this may be a completely stupid question because I can't find very much information about it on the internet or on these fora.

    Basically, I have a Hauppauge PVR-500 running on...
  2. I just want to ask you guys a few questions about setting up a remote frontend

    So I have this one mythbuntu box that's an all-in-one backend/frontend/desktop that works great. I have absolutely NO problems with it. (Well, the wireless signal has degraded a bit since I upgraded...
  3. [mythbuntu] Blue background and no panels at startup

    On my mythtbuntu gutsy desktop I had to logout unexpectedly, and now whenever I login I get a desktop with a blue background, no panels except this one weird one, and some other crap. Here's a...
  4. [kubuntu] Re: Problems with Setting Static IP behind router

    Will static ips over wireless connections be supported in ibex, or is ubuntu completely broken in this regard? It seems pretty silly to leave somehthing like this out.

    My router (a linksys wrt54g)...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: I just want the raw video feed from my tv tuner to play in mplayer

    Maybe I should note that I have mythtv running on the machine, so I know the thing works, it's just that I need that raw video feed without piping it through mythtv first.

  6. [ubuntu] I just want the raw video feed from my tv tuner to play in mplayer

    I have a Hauppauge PVR-500 plugged into one of the PCI slots on my gutsy desktop. It's plugged into the TV cable and I would like to simply use mplayer to view the video coming in from said cable....
  7. Thread: apple //

    by Seantiago

    Re: apple //

    I got kegs up and running but I can't seem to find any roms for it, even after googling a bit, and even if I did find any I would have the foggiest what to do with them. Any advice?
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    Drop down command line program?

    I seem to remember from my Fedora days some silly little program that would allow you to access the command line from a drop down screen in the upper left corner of your desktop, not unlike in many...
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    Re: Cave Story Sound?

    Yeah, winecfg did the trick. I just had to run it and switch the sound driver to alsa. Thanks.
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    Cave Story Sound?

    Are you guys familiar with Cave Story?

    It's a free-as-in-beer platformer that kicks ***. There's no native Linux version that I know of, but it works...
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    Re: Where is javac?

    Oh snap, doggs. I just saw you need to make Sun your default java version if you wanna do that garbage I was trying. Got it all figured out now. Thanks to anyone who would have helped me out!
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    Where is javac?

    I was recently having problems getting java files to compile. Turns out I had neglected to install the JDK. Woulda thought that comes standard, but whatevs. So I use Synaptic to download and...
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