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  1. Re: Ghostery Dawn for Kubuntu/Ubuntu

    I would suggest that you have an second install of Kubuntu/Ubuntu installed and experiment in the second installation before installing in your main installation. Either that or be prepared to...
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    Re: A Philosophical Question

    I do not accept that the "real" difference between choosing operating systems is the choice between choosing to accept use of private data and choosing to accept limited choice of applications.
  3. Re: What are the licences for ubuntu

    Here is the link to Canonical the sponsor of Ubuntu. It is a commercial organization. So, it offers paid for services.

    Docker is the property of a different organization....
  4. [ubuntu] Re: How to fully secure and harden a Ubuntu 20.04 laptop?

    Have you set a password for the UEFI/BIOS settings utility? How easy is it to reset the machine back the manufacturer's hardware defaults? Open the case; remove a lithium coin battery; wait a few...
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    Re: A Philosophical Question

    Compatibility with what?

    A zealous believer in FOSS would not use a web browser to access a news website or a retail website or a government web site to get information about medical treatment....
  6. Re: The OS installation book menu order is lost when the files and folders where move

    The Linux boot loader (called Grub ) looks for boot files in a certain partition (EFI partition). The Linux/Ubuntu installer knows this and puts the relevant boot files (EFI boot files) in that...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Beginner to Ubuntu

    Your question has been answered but I think that you need a bit more information to avoid a very common mistake. If you have a modern machine with Windows 8 or Windows 10 installed then this...
  8. Re: Thinking about switching over to Ubuntu from EOS -- minimum size for root partit

    It would help if you told us the hardware specification of your machine. The minimum specification for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is:

    2GHz dual core CPU; 4 GB Ram; 25 GB hard disk space; VGA capable of 1024...
  9. Re: Is There a Better Way - Backup Protection

    I do not know anything about ransomware except the little I have read since first viewing your post. It seems that ransomware works by 1) locking the OS. I assume that means changing the password Or,...
  10. Re: Ubuntu 6.06 to 6.10 upgrade using edgy.tar.gz problem

    There is no need to shout. Your title does not match the content of your post. What are you running? Is it Ubuntu 6.06 or Ubuntu 14.04?

    If you are running 14.04 you can get Extended Security...
  11. Re: Cannot install Linux from Disc. No software

    In the old, old days Windows would look for an autorun.exe file on a CD and then run it. The autorun.exe file would then load a Windows program (exe file) that was on the CD. That was how Windows...
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    Re: No terminal there

    Personally, I think the best solution for this situation is a fresh install. Either that or the OP providing more complete information as has been requested.

    Based on the first screenshot image it...
  13. Re: Brightness adjustment doesn't work

    In my ignorance I do not understand how adding a command to change the configuration of Grub would solve this problem. Surely the place to look is with the Linux configuration. After all, Linux is...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Question about Reading and Understanding System Log Ubuntu 20.04

    I will have a go. Or, at least start off the discussion. And a discussion is what this thread will turn into.

    There are always two users. Root and Me. Whoever Me is. In your case Me is you. In...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Problem with upgrade ubuntu from 21.04 to 21.10?

    A 100% pure Ubuntu would store the internet addresses of its repositories at /etc/apt/source.list. Lines in that file that have a hash ( # ) prefix are treated as comments and are not acted upon by...
  16. Re: How to create several partitions and tell ubuntu installer which one to install i

    As you have found out it is not possible to create a partition inside a partition. Years ago hard drives had a Master Boot Record (MBR) partitioning scheme. That MBR scheme only allowed four primary...
  17. Re: Gnome Vs others Virtual Desktops

    I go back to the days before desktop environments and before the mouse was invented. Everything was done using keyboard shortcuts. I still prefer Ctrl+c = Copy; Ctrl+v = Paste; Ctrl+x = Cut. Over the...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Gnome without bloatware in the cloud-conf configuration file

    Please explain what you mean by

    What is it that does not work? Does the server ISO image not install Ubuntu server? Or, is Ubuntu server installed but without Gnome Desktop? Or, is Gnome...
  19. New series of blog posts on Gaming on Ubuntu

    I do not play games but I thought that those who do might want to follow this series of blog posts just started by a Canonical engineer on the subject of Linux Gaming with Ubuntu Desktop Part 1:...
  20. Re: nee to input characters by number

    There is a screen keyboard that lets us type using mouse clicks. System Settings> Universal Access> Typing.

    Edit: This explains how to enter the Unicode of any particular character. See Code...
  21. [xubuntu] Re: Can NSO Pegasus infect my Xubuntu laptop

    I do not accept that statement. This forum has a link to a weekly news letter that lists all security vulnerabilities in Ubuntu versions that are still supported. See the heading Updates and Security...
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    Re: Problems with loss space

    Disk Analyzer is a Ubuntu app and you are running Ubuntu in a VM hosted by Windows 10. That means that Disk Analyzer is running on Ubuntu inside the VM. That is information that I was not clear...
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    Re: Problems with loss space

    I am uneducated about many things but there are a few things that I do not understand about this problem. Knowing the answers might shed some light on the situation allowing others to solve the...
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    Re: Ubuntu Desktop Autoinstall

    Not a chance! :)

    In the past I was able to keep up with the direction Ubuntu was being taken in. But not anymore. Canonical is going in so many directions and it is beyond my understanding to work...
  25. Re: Ubuntu 4.10 Virtualbox installation X server error

    My first install of Ubuntu 07.04 and so I do not know 04.10. Do you get the option to install non-free software? If you do get that option and tick it then the installer will fail to load a...
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