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  1. Re: GNOME Developers Will Remove Middle-Click Paste!

    Please do wait and see what it's going to be used for :)

    It could be really cool, and as you can see nobody is rushing into it....
  2. Re: Am I the only one who doesn't understand

    When we're talking about applications, it's more like this:

    /opt/MyApp: your application's executable and data files go here
    /usr/bin: or, if you want it on $PATH or something, your executable...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Whoopsie daisy and launchpad bugs.

    Error reports are collected by the Ubuntu Error Tracker, which you can see over here:

    As I understand it, it will help you to create a new bug report in certain cases,...
  4. [gnome] Re: Is Gwibber gone from the upcoming Ubuntu Gnome Distro?

    Gah! When did Gwibber get removed from the repositories? I didn't notice that :( I thought it was just moving to "available but not recommended."
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    Re: Web Developers: Share Your Setup

    I use Sublime Text for pretty well everything, along with lessc whenever I can (should that count? I think it should). I use Bzr even if I'm the only person working on something. It keeps me focused,...
  6. Re: Linux wiper malware used in S. Korean attacks

    That's how nicely behaved software operates. Powerful malware, as a general rule, does not do that. Malware on Linux is not limited to asking for privilege escalation the nice way. System calls are...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Some nautilus add backs

    It doesn't have to mean an empty desktop. KDE hasn't had a file manager drawing its desktop for years, now, and it's worked out great. Plasma does have various file-related widgets, but it's far...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Some nautilus add backs

    It was a window stacking problem. Unity was doing something strange that led to a lot of its UI (the dash, the launcher) being drawn behind any open windows, unless you had something handling the...
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    Re: Compiz story end

    Hooray! Perhaps this will be the kick Unity needs to finally adopt (or create, or be) a lean, polished and stable window manager instead of a compositing plugin system that does window decorations.
  10. [gnome] Re: Why fork Gnome version also questions?

    They aren't great for games, but neither is 13.04 (yet). The proprietary graphics drivers can be a moving target, so if you want them to be always working I suggest using 12.10 as your main driver...
  11. [gnome] Re: Why fork Gnome version also questions?

    Sounds like you're using the GNOME Classic session. Might be that it's doing that on its own as a fallback, which it does if your graphics driver doesn't have the necessary support. (Happens a lot at...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: HELP!!!! 12.10 / Gnome Shell 3.6 bricked after installing ibus

    You definitely removed everything that was installed from the ibus PPA, right? I'm asking because there was an update in the GNOME 3 PPA which caused this just now on all of my systems. It's probably...
  13. [gnome] Re: Gnome applications seg fault after upgrade

    Yeah, I am seeing this on two different computers which I foolishly updated at the same time. Looks a really messed up update :(

    I'm guessing the problem is the new gnome-settings-daemon, so I...
  14. Re: Microsoft honoured for Inuit language software

    Nope, no Inuktitut translation, but there is a translation project on Launchpad:

    It would be interesting to see a push towards...
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    Re: No Fall-Back Session Gnome 3.8

    This doesn't stop anyone else from maintaining gnome-panel and Metacity in the future. It just means the GNOME project won't be devoting any more resources to it, since their focus is elsewhere (and...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Strange version names

    This usually happens if a newer version of a package is uploaded, then gets reverted to an older version. It must be done this way because Debian treats the version field as both a functional thing...
  17. [gnome] Re: Should Ubuntu use Gnome 3.6 or 3.8 for Raring 13.04 ?

    I was opposed to this at first but the reasons discussed in the session made me a lot happier. Ubuntu's number one focus needs to be the users, and if we can build a better operating system by...
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    Re: A hushed UDS

    Things can just take a while to be polished up and uploaded to YouTube. For the sessions that happen at the right time for you, there is a live video stream for the plenaries at...
  19. Re: What is the cost for becoming a reseller partner of Ubuntu?

    The best people to talk to are at Canonical. This website is about Ubuntu, not Canonical's business services. While I'm sure there are some people, I don't think there are many people here who could...
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    Re: Do they make keyboards like this?

    Depends on how much of an effect you want. My Das Keyboard has laser-etched lettering, so there's a slight indent. Definitely noticeable, but the letters are small so I can't say for sure whether I'd...
  21. Re: The New Download/Contribution page

    The Torrent download link is in the same place it has always been: under "Alternative options" at The page with the financial contribution stuff is in the same...
  22. Re: New Linux Based Computer - But Not Marketed as Such?

    Cool! Thanks for posting. I think this demonstrates one of my favourite things about free software: with so much working code in the open, it seems to be quite possible to focus on specific use cases...
  23. Re: One simple thing that could make gnome 3 soooo MUCH better!

    Neat! Thanks for passing that on.

    As far as I have noticed, GNOME 3 — especially with GNOME Shell — has a vastly improved start time. Quite a lot of work has contributed to this, actually. One...
  24. Re: One simple thing that could make gnome 3 soooo MUCH better!

    I agree, and I'm curious why it is the way it is. There might be a clever reason. Maybe you could ask on the gnome-design IRC channel? :)
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    Poll: Re: Does your Ubuntu boot in 10 seconds?

    Dell XPS 13: End of POST to functioning login screen in ~9 seconds :)

    Desktop gets to a login screen in about 10.

    They both boot from SSDs, of course. I think the desktop used to do 20 or so...
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