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  1. [ubuntu] Re: How do I rip a DVD that contains audio, not video?

    Ah ... vobcopy is what I used. Then you can pull the audio out as needed later.
    I haven't had a working optical drive connected to Linux for a few years.
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    Re: Banshee alternative for video

    smplayer is a front-end to mpv. mpv is amazing. I've never used smplayer. No clue about tagging. That's dependent on the media file header ... I use mkv for media files, so mkvpropedit can add...
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    [SOLVED] Re: umount Confussion

    Always make a script. You can make it a toggle.

    MOUNT="$(which mount || echo '/usr/bin/mount')"
    That way, if the PATH isn't reasonable, we get the specific location. Wouldn't hurt to test that...
  4. Re: How to create several partitions and tell ubuntu installer which one to install i

    Just to add another option ... not suggesting this to anyone else.

    After the installer starts and networking is up, I switch to a different tty then install ssh and copy over a partition + LVM...
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    [ubuntu] Re: about snap,too hard to use

    There are non-snap distros that are based on Debian or Ubuntu.
    In 20.04, you can remove the snap subsystem and the OS works fine ... but I suspect that depends on the DE used. Typically, staying...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: How do I rip a DVD that contains audio, not video?

    Are there files on the DVD or did someone burn an audio CD to DVD media?
    If just files, copy them off.
    If the files are in the CD format, I'd guess that any CD audio ripper would work. Perhaps...
  7. Re: How to Setup Local DNS Using /etc/hosts - NOT WORKING

    Is the browser running on the same machine?

    Does /etc/nsswitch.conf have hosts before other choices?

    Which IP is being used in the /etc/hosts? I'd use or any in the 127.x.x.x/8. All...
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    [all variants] Re: protection against ransomware

    Systems like Ubuntu don't have a root password unless someone is violating the default setup.
    If someone has physical access to any computing device - game over. Just assume that. We can make it...
  9. Re: please help insane internet connectivity after today's update

    What, exactly do you mean by those two statements? If you show the EXACT commands for each, we'd know. By IP or by name is the main question that needs clarifying.
    Also - wired ethernet or wifi?...
  10. Thread: Perl certificate

    by TheFu

    Re: Perl certificate

    Are you using an MTA as Unix expects or not?

    Typically, the MTA would have a cert, so your script doesn't need it.

    Is this server in a residential network or on a business network?

    With a...
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    Re: How to self-correct named pipe

    1. I'd think that the reader is holding the pipe. Use lsof to check that.
    2. I don't know. Systemd cannot fix some things. It asks a program to terminate, nicely. I suppose you could tell it to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to login via ssh

    sudo chown root:root
    isn't the complete command. What, EXACTLY, did you enter and from which directory?

    It is very possible that you have only 2 choices.
    Restore from backup
  13. Re: PSA: NVidia users, before you apt autoremove

    Dependencies get broken when packages are manually installed, but not updated. This easily can lead to a 2 yr old manual package holding lots of fixed packages back on a system, leading to old bugs...
  14. [ubuntu_mate] Re: How to move two user profiles home directories to seperate drives

    Please use the thread-tools button near the top to mark it SOLVED. This helps the community.

    Glad you found a solution. Reinstalling seems a little excessive just to avoid adding 2 lines to the...
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    Re: help with email spamming.

    ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, check the manpages on your local system before running complex commands. The internet has whatever version it likes. Your system has the documentation delivered WITH the...
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    Re: help with email spamming.

    Block all outbound 25/tcp and 465/tcp and 587/tcp from the LAN. Then check which devices are trying to access those ports one at a time and add them to a white list.

    I'm lazy and only allow 1 MTA...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: What is correct config to use user-pass for openvpn on ubuntu 21.04?

    I don't have 21.xx ... btw, support for 21.04 ends next month, so move the 21.10 ASAP.
    However, according to the openvpn ovpn manpage, the line you want is:

    auth-user-pass /etc/openvpn/
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    [lubuntu] Re: Defragment W95 FAT32 (LBA)

    NTFS is a journalled file system.
    FAT32, exFAT are not.

    Most Native Linux file systems are journalled too - ext3, ext4, jfs, xfs, zfs, btrfs, and probably 50 others. However, there are 2...
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    [SOLVED] Re: KVM Bridge and VPN

    I don't use network-manager. Haven't since around 2011 when it cause issues on a non-trivial network. That includes for a simply laptop with 1 connection at a time (usually wired).

    A VPN needs a...
  20. [ubuntu_budgie] Re: Discrepancy between free space reported by disks tool and other programs

    Creating sparse files isn't something that happens accidentally. Plus, whenever a sparse file gets copied, the apparent size typically explodes. There are special options for cp, rsync, and tar to...
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    Re: Can't setup 5.1 optical out

    Perhaps the correct drivers/codecs aren't installed? I think the link above shows some packages to be installed. But IDK. I've never used SPDIF out from a computer directly.
  22. Re: PSA: NVidia users, before you apt autoremove

    I appreciate the heads up. I autoremove almost every week, after patching. I don't patch daily, so perhaps I miss the worse packaging mistakes? Come Saturday, I'll pay attention.
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    Re: Problems with loss space

    There are 50 different answers for getting sorted output. I like
    du -sh * | sort -h
    Then I'm not having to figure KB, GB and TB by counting columns and sort -h understands that 1TB is lager than...
  24. [SOLVED] Re: Permissions screwed up during recovery and re-install

    Sadly, I think lots of files still have the wrong permissions that only a solid backup would be able to restore - a backup that includes .... you guess it ... the owner, group, permissions, ACLs, and...
  25. [ubuntu_budgie] Re: Discrepancy between free space reported by disks tool and other programs

    The difference would be in GiB vs GB, which isn't 4x different.
    The blocksize on Linux file systems is usually 512b or 4Kb. No file will use less than 1 block and if there are millions of tiny...
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