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  1. samba_backup tar: ./private: file changed as we read it error

    I have tried to use the back up utility that comes, packaged, with Samba4, and keep getting this error. It was my understanding that I should be able to run the backup while online, and I did get it...
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    Preserve ACls when backing up samba4

    I have an active directory domain setup on 12.04 LTS, running samba4. It is all working great, with replication and all, but I am working on my disaster recovery plan, and am looking for a way to...
  3. Thread: Samba 4.0.9

    by clayb226

    Re: Samba 4.0.9

    You did not mention how you were trying to start samba. It looked to me like all went as planned, and installed. You installed it in /usr/local/samba, so you would have to run the start up script...
  4. Re: Simple SAMBA share - not working as it should

    What version of Ubuntu, what version of Samba? What is the out put of your testparm command? What is defined in your smb.conf file?
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    [ubuntu] ddclient patch

    Hello everybody,
    I do not know if this is the right place or not, but I am running ubuntu server 9.10, and need to patch ddclient. I installed it with apt-get, and it does not support freedns. I...
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