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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Core i7 hyperthreading - simple quick question

    Thanks for the reply,

    It's a server in a lab, so I don't have that much opportunity to turn it off. It's under a pretty heavy load right now, and I thought hyperthreading might help the multiple...
  2. [ubuntu] Core i7 hyperthreading - simple quick question


    I have a machine running 9.10 64-bit with the 2.6.31-14-generic kernel. I built it myself, choosing a Core i7 CPU. When I first configured the BIOS I turned hyperthreading off.

    I'd now...
  3. Re: how to install and boot from rocketraid 2320 Ubuntu 9.10

    Go here:

    Download the "Open Source driver". Unzip it by right clicking the downloaded file and selecting "Open with archive manager". From here...
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    [ubuntu] ssh "Connection reset by peer" problem


    I've been searching with no luck for this problem, which cropped up today after no changes to the system: I can successfully ssh into my ubuntu 64-bit 9.10 machine (via OS X with iTerm),...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Upgrading perl from 5.1.0 to >5.8.0

    Please disregard message. I have perl v5.10.0 - duh.

    How can I delete a thread?
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    [ubuntu] Upgrading perl from 5.1.0 to >5.8.0


    I need help upgrading perl. I need to use a program that requires perl 5.8.0 or above. I used "perl -v" to get the version that comes with my ubuntu installation (x64 Jaunty) and I...
  7. [ubuntu] Jaunty will not mount external USB hard drive at boot


    I've read the other threads on this matter, but the solutions offered have not worked for me, suggesting this is a new problem - hence the new thread.

    Basically, my external USB hard...
  8. [all variants] Re: Firewall settings for Firefly Media Server (mt-daapd)

    Have the same issue. ufw firewall is off - works fine. But when enabled, and 3689 and 5353 open, no luck.

    Which ports are supposed to be open for mt-daapd?
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Mistakenly changed permissions for /usr/ recursively - fix?

    Another thing that needed fixing after the recursive chmod 755 in all of /usr...

    Couldn't edit crontabs. Fixed with

  10. [ubuntu] Re: Mistakenly changed permissions for /usr/ recursively - fix?

    Thanks for the helpful reply, JKyleOKC.

  11. [ubuntu] Re: Mistakenly changed permissions for /usr/ recursively - fix?

    Thanks for the responses everyone.

    I chmod'ed /usr to 755 (recursively), apart from sudo, which needed fixing again with "chmod 4755 /usr/bin/sudo".

    I've been using the computer for a couple of...
  12. [ubuntu] Mistakenly changed permissions for /usr/ recursively - fix?


    I have Ubuntu Intrepid. I was trying to configure some perl modules today that required me to temporarily change permissions in a folder in /usr/.

    Rather stupidly, I changed the permissions...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dual NIC internet pass-through

    Ah! That's perfect!

    Thank you very much, sir :)

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    [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Dual NIC internet pass-through


    I've been googling and searching this forum, but I haven't come across how to do the specific thing I am looking for. If anyone can tell me or point me towards another thread I'd much...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Opening apps remotely with X11 not working

    I followed these instructions with no luck - the app still opens on the ubuntu (server), and not on the OS X client.

    Something I should have mentioned: This has stopped working since I (clean...
  16. [ubuntu] Opening apps remotely with X11 not working


    I think this problem has an easy solution, but when I search for an answer it never quite fits my problem. The client is running OS X 10.5.3 (with X11 installed!), and the server is ubuntu...
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    Re: isoccer - soccer game for Ubuntu Linux

    Oh good god. SS was one of my favourite games ever. Will be keeping a keen eye on this thread.

    Who remembers Kick Off 2 though. :cool:

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