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  1. Re: Unable to import MariaDB backup.

    You got it. I ended up doing exactly as you suggested. Posing same thing I posted on other forum. Thank you for pointing me in right place.
  2. Unable to import MariaDB backup.

    My other thread on this -

    Been moving myself into Docker lately and hit a snag on trying to do...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Hardware for Virtualization on Ubuntu

    Don't use Hyper V. Use VirtualBox. HyperV is likely complaining about lack of VT-D, something needed for passthrough and not a common requirement for most home users.
  4. Re: DHCP broken 18.04. Static IP just fine. Just can't get DHCP as a client.

    /etc/network/interfaces shouldn't be needed. Netplan doesn't use it. Maybe check for single space indentation on your netplan file. Yaml is insistent on indentation with spaces.
  5. Re: DHCP broken 18.04. Static IP just fine. Just can't get DHCP as a client.

    Did you do your static ip with netplan or the gui? The proper netplan for a desktop to use the gui is critical.

    cat /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml
    version: 2
    renderer: NetworkManager...
  6. Re: Adding PPAs through your browser

    Real life example. You live in a neighborhood where theft is common. Do you leave your door unlocked while you're gone all day so you can save 10 seconds unlocking it when you get home?
  7. Re: Unmounting and remounting an external disk on reconnect

    Autofs or systemd automounting. Will only be mounted when its being actively used by the system.
  8. Re: sudo netplan apply does not update the LAN IP as expected

    Just change it's name if you want it stopped. Netplan won't run anything other than a .yaml file near as I can tell. I just change the default files to end with .bak or .orig or something....
  9. Why does the installer ask to install updates?

    Did a Xubuntu 20.04 this morning for my wife. During installation it asks if I want to download updates while installing. Says "This makes things faster after the installation." I've seen this over...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: mysql upgrade / move to different machine

    Set up duplication? Then switch masters once it's caught up? I'm no sql admin but sounds like what it's made for almost? Downtime shouldn't be much more a few minutes when restarting services to load...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: surveillance device and router IP address

    Well if it was wifi you had no choice. Same as connecting a phone or tablet.
  12. Re: Why is wireless network hardware especially hit and miss with Linux?

    I think in addition they are constantly changing and making new abilities requiring new drivers for wifi. For all intents and purposes I'd say ethernet has been static for a decade or two. Hence the...
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    Re: Connecting to iPhone

    Blunt and direct.... get a different phone. Apple has done everything they can to lock out anything other than apple stuff. Seems as soon as anyone finds a way in they patch it.
  14. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Kodi 18.6>18.8 PVR Simple IPTV NOK! Help

    The ppa is the only supported way to run and it is always maintained. Kodi forums won't help if you aren't using ppa or self compiled. Ubuntu packages have modifications that the Kodi people dont use...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: trying to create a backup disk for ubuntu 20.04 ZFS

    Any backup method will do.

    You do realize that a single drive with zfs has zero redundancy. Other than cow and deduplication it's no different than any other single drive system.
  16. Re: Reinstall obsolete packages lost in upgrade

    I have done with gui over an ssh tunnel. Not the best for everything, but just text editors like Kate it works fine.

    You voulf also add the bionic source lines to your system. Build against 20.04...
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    Re: no problems here

    I think I can safely say that during my entire period with Linux of whatever variation over the years any problems are my lack of understanding something and doing it wrong in the first place. Now,...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: How can I run a logout script whenever I log out?

    I'm running Xubuntu so I don't have Gdm. Is it /etc/gdm3 by chance? I used to have some auto scripts there if I recall when I did use Gnome. Maybe typo or slight oversight?
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    Re: I mean, why though?

    I've gone the other way. I probably troll the news websites too much in my free time. The way I see it privacy of any kind is an illusion. If they want something, they will get it. I've said this...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: A filesystem question that is too difficult to sumarize in a title

    I apologize, I uploaded a wrong version. I noticed, fixed a few things. Now the script above is right. Didn't even know I had those few errors.
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    Re: Advice on Purchase of a Laptop

    Dell has been a straight winner for me multiple times. Is the only one I have any real experience with. Whatever you get make sure it is fully linux capable otherwise you may end up with hardware...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: A filesystem question that is too difficult to sumarize in a title

    Not worth it. You would have ramdisks but they would be limited to lan speed between each other. Unless they have a pi with 10gb ethernet it's not even worth considering.

    Supposedly possible but I...
  23. [kubuntu] Re: fstab no longer mounting nfs shares at boot

    Use systemd automount? Stays in the fstab. I had a bunch of difficulty with autofs, after awhile it just didn't work. Hung on shutdowns / reboots.

    /nfs/share /local/mount nfs...
  24. Re: Need Installation cd for HP 4470c scanjet

    That disc will do you no good on Linux. Hplip is the package you will need on your system. That is how I get my scanner to work on an Envy 5640. I'm sure it will work for you.
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    Re: I mean, why though?

    I will not touch it. I'm tired of everyone having to have their own thing. If I want a Chrome based browser... I'll use Chrome. Same with distros. I get sick of threads of this nature on various...
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