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  1. Re: HOWTO: Series 9 Elantech Touchpad Ubuntu 12.10, Mint 14

    Hi guys!
    I own an ASUS X551CA. I'm running 12.04 lts with kernel 3.5.0-44-generic.

    dmesg shows:
    psmouse serio4: elantech: unknown hardware version, aborting...

    xinput list shows:
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Possible fix for wireless: BCM4313 (14e4:4727) on hp dm1 laptop with Ubuntu 11.10

    Hi guys
    I made a fresh installation of ubuntu 12.04 64bit from CD (so it's not an upgrade), updated all the packages and now I'm running 3.2.0 kernel on my DV-7099 hp laptop.
    As you can...
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