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    Re: wired internet

    The script outputs useful information on both wired and wireless.
  2. [server] Re: What is the Difference Between Ubuntu 16.04 & 18.04

    The differences are highlighted here:

    Edit: I missed catkiller's (tinny tiny) link.
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    Re: New Xubuntu install

    amd64-microcode (and intel-microcode) are default packages,
    they are tied to the kernel now.
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    [SOLVED] Re: bad repository

    Either open Software and Updates then go to Other Software and uncheck the miro ppa,
    or run

    sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:pcf/miro-releases
    sudo apt update
    in a terminal.
  5. Re: Problem with libgstreamer preventing me from installing toggl desktop

    Thread moved to MINT
  6. Re: Not asked for root/admin password during install

    Ubuntu's installer doesn't set or ask for a root password.
    The initially created user has sudo rights, with which you can set a root password if you want, post-install.

    How other distros do...
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    [kubuntu] Re: o/s loses user login password

    Sidenote, why are you still on a very old mainline kernel?
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    Re: Problem with dark GTK3 themes

    Have you tried resetting your shell theme back to the defaults to see if the theme you tried editing is an issue?
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    Re: Problem with dark GTK3 themes

    What themes?
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Does Kubuntu read previous user profile upon fresh install (?)

    Did you use the Something else/manual/other option when selecting where to install it on the disk?
    If you use that option in any 'buntu and don't check the format option it'll not remove user data....
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Newbie - help to remove links in Files

    Those are directories. Not links.
    The X symbol means your current user cannot access the contents.

    If your user is an admin you can use the command line (the Terminal program) to use the admin...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: 404 not found linux-generic 4.15

    sudo apt update refreshes the package list on your machine by grabbing the latest listings from the archives.
    Always run it before running any other apt commands.

    So, what did you actually...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: 404 not found linux-generic 4.15

    That particular version doesn't seem to exist anymore, it was updated to 4.15.0-52.56
    Is there something wrong with

    sudo apt update
    post back the results.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Error Log and Current Error

    Even if a few days old they can still be relevant.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Error Log and Current Error

    Crash reports are placed in the /var/crash directory.
    (You can find it in Files > Other Locations > Computer > var)

    See if any crash reports are listed there.
  16. Re: GUI backup software that allows restoration of specific user specified files

    That's unfortunate because deja-dup does exactly what you ask. Perfectly.

    But backintime probably does it too.
    Not sure.
    But it's fairly popular.

    You can check the Ubuntu help page for more...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Can't uninstall and purge gnome-shell-extensions and presistant settings

    Several extensions such as the dash-to-dock extension and the appindictor extensions are stand alone.
    They are also depends for the ubuntu-desktop meta package so removing them also remove the meta...
  18. Re: What is the default size of root, swap and home partition?

    It'll be whatever the size of the disk is.
    And it only creates a single partition for all.
  19. [SOLVED] Re: Failed to get size of gamma for output default when adding new screen resolution

    apt-cache show only shows the general information of a package, not whether it has been installed or not.
    Use the command apt-cache policy <package> to see whether or not a package is installed.
  20. [SOLVED] Re: Failed to get size of gamma for output default when adding new screen resolution

    You might require installing the original 18.04.

    Unfortunately the openchrome driver doesn't seem to have a hwe version, so the system can...
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    Re: Installed apps disappear

    super + A will show all desktop programs installed. (you may have to toggle a setting; it can be set to either frequently used or all.)
    The setting should be at the bottom of the overview screen...
  22. [SOLVED] Re: Failed to get size of gamma for output default when adding new screen resolution

    Try installing the openchrome driver (it's the driver package for via cards)

    sudo apt install xserver-xorg-video-openchrome

    Ubuntu typically ships with drivers, but only the more common ones...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Confused about this page

    Don't leave us in suspense.
    What is it then?
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    [SOLVED] Re: how to rescan hardware[all]?

    Reboot or boot up.
    The system gets scanned every boot.

    (That what happens when you leave a page for a couple minutes, I guess)

    Do you have a particular issue with drivers?
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    Re: Lubuntu forum ? which to use

    Thread moved to Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat
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