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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Restart sound system without restarting computer

    systemctl --user restart pulseaudio
  2. Re: Is it possible to replace pulse audio?

    no need to edit files in etc/pulse/

    copy 3 main configuration files to home folder:

    cp /etc/pulse/ ~/.config/pulse/
    cp /etc/pulse/daemon.conf ~/.config/pulse/daemon.conf...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: pacmd set-default-sink doesn't work from the first time

    use pactl commands instead of pacmd
    pacmd commands do not work so good in bash script
  4. Re: Pulseaudio: add a sink and output to 2 sinks concurrently

    Easy way to have 'Virtual device for simultaneous output on all local sound cards'

    install paprefs (Pulseaudio preferences)

    Enable option in 'Simultaneous Output' tab

    can use JACK for...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Microphone not working

    @nnss - suggest you get firmware update to v306 and more recent kernel if possible
    possible that updates will have better support for audio

    (@krenkz - update kernel to v4.20 or later for...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: No analog output! SOUND Problem! 18.04

    looks like error here may have caused problem with snd-hda-intel driver needed for analog audio

    sudo sed -i 's/model=autoiecset audio on/model=auto/g' /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

    to change...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Alternative to Audacity?

    Ardour can record from ALSA

    also Harrison Mixbus
  8. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Ubuntu Studio Controls with Kxstudio Cadence

    saw this posted by one of the Ubuntu Studio team earlier this week:

    It is nothing new that installing Cadence will break alternative JACK workflows
    I have seen Cadence break functionality of...
  9. Re: Ub 18.04 Pulseaudio-equalizer keeps being removed

    Pulseaudio Equalizer is no longer actively maintained, but there is

    Both of these use the same LADSPA plugin from package swh-plugins...
  10. Re: Disabling Audio Outputs | Apps Using Wrong Audio Outputs

    Until you can confirm if your assumption is correct there is no point suggesting multiple possible solutions that may or may not help

    suggest you install the 'official' Pulseaudio mixer if you do...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Sound not playing and ouput devices dot not detect inbuilt-audio

    your alsa-info looks mostly ok

    but it is showing another sound server (RoarAudio) installed and running
    according to website, latest version of this is: v1.0beta12 Prerelease: Thu Nov 06 2014...
  12. Re: VLC quality is awful (970gtx, xubuntu 16.04).

    VLC was my favourite player on Windows too, but was never happy with video quality on Linux

    The large number of settings in VLC Preferences make it very difficult to find the correct combination...
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    Re: Easymp3gain

    There is an alternative gui application that uses mp3gain - qtgain

    @Vanadium mentioned that mp3gain can make permanent changes to mp3 audio levels
    This is one of the reasons I do not use or...
  14. Re: Looking for Jukebox recommendations that run under server

    not sure if this is what you need:

    Cherrymusic - standalone HTML5 (with flash fallback) music server
  15. [kubuntu] Re: Stereo recording: copy one channel to another

    Skype only uses left channel, but remixes right channel to left, so can just kill volume on right channel and sound to callers will be no different

    for anything else that uses stereo add...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Recording: Mixer or Audio interface?

    Agree that for podcasting need 4 channels of audio output

    That behringer mixer will only have 2 channels in and out on USB
    recording using audacity direct from hardware (ALSA) is limited to one...
  17. Re: Webcam recording software other than guvcview

    suggest try
  18. Re: No sound, lspci sees sound card, alsa+pulseaudio don't, was fine recently. ???

    Wondering if OP is dual-booting with Windows?

    Audio device may be set to a power state by hybrid hibernation/shutdown in windows that causes it to not be detected by Linux
  19. Re: No sound, lspci sees sound card, alsa+pulseaudio don't, was fine recently. ???

    Part of command in post#12 appears to be outdated

    Pulseaudio no longer uses folder ~/.pulse/

    to remove contents of new folder

    rm -r ~/.config/pulse/*

    reboot pc to ensure Pulseaudio...
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    Re: Problem with Sound.

    Assuming update included new version of Pulseaudio try removing home folder configuration

    rm -r ~/.config/pulse/*

    reboot pc for Pulseaudio to rebuild new set of configuration files
  21. Re: Powering Scarlett 2i2 audio interface

    Most audio interface used with Pulseaudio will power-down if no audio streams present

    Simple way to prevent a USB interface powering down is keep pavucontrol open, even if minimised

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    Re: QjackCtl Server Connection Error.

    sounds like you have QjackCtl driver set to net or netone instead of alsa
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    Re: Ubuntu versus Arch terminal syntax

    For package managers, Arch wiki has a cross-reference list of commands

    If you want to learn about Arch and Linux in general, you may like...
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    Re: Software Stores

    I use Debian distributions more than Ubuntu because of synaptic being dropped.

    Not sure if it is different on Debian, but I recently found how to dig deeper into installed packages; check...
  25. Re: A few thoughts on user interfaces and user experience

    Try Lubuntu or Xubuntu
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