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  1. [ubuntu] Installing latest glib and gtk3 on Ubuntu 10.04


    I've been wanting to install the latest glib and gtk3 in order to get into development of a certain opensource application which requires it. I'm on ubuntu 10.04 LTS, and I do not want to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Missing Rhythmbox ID3 tag demuxer plugin

    It's a shame that there arent any decent music players on Ubuntu. I've gotten sick of Amarok 2's wierdness (and I really really miss the old one's visualization), so now I switched to rhythmbox. It's...
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    [ubuntu] Wireless Issue with G1Sn


    I'm running 64bit Ubuntu 9.10 on my Asus G1Sn. Everything seems to be working all fine and dandy, except for the Wireless. The wireless does work, but it just doesn't work as well as it...
  4. [all variants] Re: Rebooted to find bad 'magic numbers' / gzip / ACPI / initramfs

    I need some help with this. I seem to have the same problem with 9.10 x86_64.

    I installed my ubuntu with wubi, so using a recovery CD probably doesn't work, and even if it did, I couldn't boot...
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    [ubuntu] Bad wireless performance with Asus G1S-n


    I seem to be getting into trouble with running Ubuntu 9.04 with my Asus G1S-n. The thing is, it connects fine, but sometimes the connection simply stops responding for a couple of seconds. I...
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    [ubuntu] Re: nvidia 9500m gs question

    This guide actually worked! Thanks! I was stuck with getting the graphics card to work.. I didn't want to run Ubuntu on 640x480! Now I got compisiting running. Thanks again!

    I wonder if I could do...
  7. [ubuntu] Changed laptop motherboard, screen is all colorful now

    Hi. I'm running ubuntu 8.04 on an Asus G1S. At some point, I was using it, and then suddenly the screen stopped working. Apparently there was a problem with the motherboard, so I took it for repairs....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Compiling swfdec 0.8 for PS3

    ^ I tried doing that, but I still get the error during ./configure

    I tried. I still get the error >_>

    atm I'm trying to look for a binary
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    [ubuntu] Compiling swfdec 0.8 for PS3


    I'm running Ubuntu 7.10 on the PS3 (powerpc). Since powerpc has no flash, I was trying to get swfdec to work for ubuntu. But the one in the repos are just too old, and gnash is unusuable.. so...
  10. Re: Never expected to find this of all things over here

    Unfortunately no :( I was hoping that it was avaliable as a prize. I always wanted a Tux plushie.. Was working in a branch of SGI in the summer.. they got a huge Tux plushie.. dammit I want one now...
  11. Never expected to find this of all things over here

    Hi. I'm a guy from the United Arab Emirates, where there is absolutely no mention of Linux at ALL.. anywhere.

    Once upon a time I was walking down the Mall of the Emirates (the one with the indoor...
  12. Re: Cinelerra 2.1 CV for Edgy Eft 6.10 [ How To / Tutorial ]

    This guide worked perfectly well on my Edgy Centrino.

    lprofil.. thank you! your guide made life a lot easier.. ^_________^
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    Re: HOWTO: Compiling Cinelerra on 64-bit Ubuntu

    Cinelerra compiled successfully with some suggestions made by members in the first couple of replies.

    However, it doesnt run:

    the9a3eedi@the9a3eedi-desktop:~$ cinelerra
    Cinelerra 2.1CV (C)...
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    Re: ubu the penguin

    How about an african-looking tux? I would think it's more appropriate since the term "ubuntu" is African, right?
  15. Re: What are the ultimate features of Ubuntu that neither Vista nor OS X has?

    both in terms of cost as well as free ability to do anything
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    Re: Your partitioning scheme and why?

    I got 2 hard disks:

    1 SATA 150GB 10k rpm hard disk for Windows XP (now unused at all and riddled with viruses) NTFS
    1 PATA 40 GB reiserfs for Edgey amd64

    I want to switch around the hard disks...
  17. Re: Cinelerra 2.1 CV for Edgy Eft 6.10 [ How To / Tutorial ]

    I got an error while making
    now I don't want to post a huge wall of text, so I posted the last couple of lines

    /usr/bin/ld: ffmpeg/libavcodec/.libs/libavcodec.a(mpegvideo_mmx.o): relocation...
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