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  1. ubuntu 19.10 wayland blocking synaptic package manager

    Can not ssh into my other computer to use synaptic package manager. ssh works but not synaptic package manager

    lance@type40tardis:~$ ssh tardis
    Authenticated to ([]:22)....
  2. [AMD/ATI] Mullins [Radeon R4/R5 Graphics] not working after upgrade

    No display if i hook up my tv to the computer with HDMI cable but I can remote ssh into the computer.

    linux driver i use is

    # journalctl...
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    AppArmor not enforce profile

    aa-logprof on usr.bin.chromium-browser profile not apparmor will not enforce it.

    # aa-enforce usr.bin.chromium-browser

    Setting /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.chromium-browser to enforce mode.
  4. AppArmor Blocking LibreOffice Calc from opening

    AppArmor Blocking LibreOffice Calc from opening How do I stop this? I try to open the program and I get a message at the top of my ubuntu 18.04 gnome desktop. Message says "AppArmor Message" and has...
  5. How to use btrfs on external usb hard drive?

    Need compression on the hard drive like for a freenas plex media server

    the harddrive is at /dev/sdb with UUID=b70ca85a-d6ae-4d99-a073-b52af3d077a8

    on the fstab I was told to do...
  6. Re: Trouble installing hplip 3.19 on ubuntu 18.04

    Network printer at work hp officejet pro x451dw
  7. Trouble installing hplip 3.19 on ubuntu 18.04

    I have download the new deb packages from ubuntu packages the error I receive during install is below.

    # dpkg -i *.deb
    Selecting previously unselected package hplip.
    (Reading database ......
  8. Re: How do I compare 2 csv files and pull out the same in both

    The Cog Woof thank you so much for giving me the dictionary example it was a great starting point I know that you could make the code better then I did but following your example I came up with...
  9. Re: How do I compare 2 csv files and pull out the same in both

    I do not know for sure what is going on but I think that the hashdict is blank that the data being read from the file is not going in to the dictionary.
  10. Re: How do I compare 2 csv files and pull out the same in both

    my windows work computer does not have the linux subsystem IT admin will not install it. Using the examples you have given me I came up with this.

    I open both files in notepad/gedit and put this...
  11. How do I compare 2 csv files and pull out the same in both

    I ran the below script on some usb harddrives that I have .

    I want to see if the file1.csv has repeats of the sha256 file hash in it. I also want to compare file1csv and file2.csv and pull out...
  12. continue python 3 program running after except

    was told to use pass but the program just ends how do I keep it going?

    import os
    import hashlib
    import sys

    start_path = '/home/lance' # current user home directory
    files_dir = []
  13. How do I use NetPlan with NetworkManager?

    Coming from Lubuntu to ubuntu
    DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 19.04"

    wireless ip address for the computer is
    I like to...
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    need help with squidGuard times

    I want squidguard to allow every thing only during 6am-12pm noon but block all the other stuff in the squidguard file.

    squidGuard file

    # Caution: do NOT...
  15. [ubuntu] ubuntu1804 squidguard not blocking

    I seem to have done something wrong. SquidGuard is not blocking porn. I have the browser set for ipaddress port 3128 of the computer that has squid and squidguard on it.


  16. ubuntu 18.04 gnome top bar clock font size increase

    I have ubuntu 18.04 gnome desktop. On the top bar is the clock but the font is small how can I make it bigger. I have gnome tweeks installed and making the fonts bigger there does not make the clock...
  17. Having trouble installing pyqt5 on ubuntu

    DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS"

    can not upgrade yet to the 18 version of ubuntu

    python 3.7 compiled from source
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    Python3.6.6 virtualenv error

    I'm getting this error

    lance@Lubuntu1804:~/Python-3.6.6$ bin/python3.6 -m pip list
    Package Version
    ---------- -------
    pip 18.0
    setuptools 40.2.0
    virtualenv 16.0.0
    wheel ...
  19. Re: python-gnupg notworking

    Yes I have created the keys and I am using them
    pub rsa4096/919DDE3B 2017-07-14 [SC]
    uid [ultimate] Efile (Encryption Keys) <>
    sub rsa4096/A5C41DCC 2017-07-14 [E]...
  20. python-gnupg notworking

    using the guide from
  21. Re: digital stereo hdmi output unplugged nvidia-384

    $ sudo lshw -c sound

    description: Audio device
    product: Intel Corporation
    vendor: Intel Corporation
    physical id: 1f.3
    bus info:...
  22. Re: digital stereo hdmi output unplugged nvidia-384

    in ubuntu the program synaptic that has the Additional Drivers part so I think that is comes from nvidia.
  23. digital stereo hdmi output unplugged nvidia-384

    I can get the display to work but not the sound.


    $ cat /etc/lsb-release
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    rkhunter update errors

    Can some body explain to me what is going on? Why update failed and the mirrors file has no required mirrors in it: /var/lib/rkhunter/db/mirrors.dat

    update command error update failed

  25. ubuntu 17.04 after update no connect to work wifi

    I did some updates to lubuntu 17.04 now at work I can not connect to the wifi. However If I startup a vitrualbox with fedora with an usb external wifi stick I can get on the wifi at work. I have no...
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