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    Re: command not found

    switch "agt" for "apt". The command is

    sudo apt-get install lightdm


    sudo agt-get install lightdm
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    Re: sudoers entry for Admin

    If that is what the root user has then yes. Again, before you mess with sudoers, run

    sudo su -

    So that you have a root prompt and can wind back the file if you break it.
  3. Re: Enable Nouveau NVIDIA driver on Ubuntu 18

    Add the boot option "nouveau.blacklist=1" should do it
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    Re: A Nas for me?

    Configure disks then install openssh-server. You now have an SFTP server. Log in with your Ubuntu credentials to authenticate. Done.
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Boot problem after bluetooth error

    What does "not working" mean? It's nearly meaningless...
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    Re: sudoers entry for Admin

    If you copy the root line in the file but use your username instead of root. Obviously retain the root line but make a copy.

    I suggest you make a root prompt in a second terminal so that you can...
  7. Re: The Black Hole of Package Management

    The configuration will be stored in ~/.mozilla so that each user can have it's own configuration. If you don't use Thunderbird for emails then simply delete the folder and if you ever install the...
  8. Re: How to recover after using dd to image the wrong device.

    Use your backups
  9. [SOLVED] Re: balenaEtcher attention something went wrong pop up, trying to install ubuntu 20.0

    Did you check that the file you transferred wasn't corrupted by using SHA/MD5?
  10. [ubuntu] Re: problems with Remote Desktop/Screen Sharing ubuntu 21.10 raspberry pi 4 model-b

    What are you doing on the remote system that needs the full desktop session? Why setup VNC at all. Yes it is for being on the desktop remotely but to do what sorts of things? There may be a sleeker...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Problem with upgrade ubuntu from 21.04 to 21.10?

    What is the output of

    lsb_release -a; uname -a

    I suggest you disable the Kali repositories, update then re-enable
  12. [ubuntu] Re: updater doesn't work since morning

    What is the full output of:

    sudo apt update
    lsb_release -a
    uname -a

  13. Re: ubuntu software upgrader doesn't start when I click on the icon

    If you run

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt full-upgrade

    Does it work OK?
  14. Re: webpage not loading for version 20.04

    What browser(s) have you tried?
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Need helping disabling RST on HP 15da3300wm to install ubuntu

    May help
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    Re: Restore OS (ver 18.04)

    I suggest backing up your home folder(s) and the /etc folder. If you have manually put software on your system then back that up too. It's pretty common to use /opt but you will be aware of the...
  17. Re: ubuntu software upgrader doesn't start when I click on the icon


    sudo software-center


    sudo gnome-software-center
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    [ubuntu] Re: VPN speed?

    Again, just because you have a fast connection to the web doesn't mean the traffic will necessarily go fast. The data coming down the VPN is a factor and the slower of the two will dictate the speed....
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    Re: Ubuntu is good!

    If the kernel panics then it's a lot deeper than the display manager. The core of the OS has had an issue. The kernel isn't the display manager so how xan it possibly do anything. Their will be no...
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    [SOLVED] Re: umount Confussion

    If you run:

    which mount
    which umount

    You will see where the files are. I suspect that you guessed the location and weren't accurate
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 20.04 on Macbook Pro 2012 13" Retina

    If there is a firmware update for the system (I'm not familiar with Mac stuff) then make sure it is as updated as possible
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 20.04 on Macbook Pro 2012 13" Retina

    Possibly this for Bluetooth
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Gnome without bloatware in the cloud-conf configuration file

    I'd suggest something like chef or puppet for automation of configuration. Makes servers very easy to manage en mass. A great skill to have
  24. Re: How to create several partitions and tell ubuntu installer which one to install i

    If you use the "something else" option then you can partition as you like. You will neeyat least a 50Gb partition for the root file system. You can then make the rest of the space be used as you...
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    Re: tar archive - empty directories

    No. They are generated every boot up.
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