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    Re: Arpwatch to monitor LAN issues

    Where is this machine located? If it's in the cloud, you are sending from some public IP space that may be blocked by your provider. Check your spam folder. If your device is inside your LAN, then...
  2. Re: Autoinstall of Ubuntu 20 reboots during security upgrades

    Automated installs typically update when configuring the main repository. I know this because behind a proxy, your installation will fail unless you first configure the proxy. You likely update but...
  3. Re: Autoinstall of Ubuntu 20 reboots during security upgrades

    If the reboot happens after the update, it's likely unrelated to the update itself. Ubuntu does not reboot like Windows does. You're also missing a step. First, the local cache must update before it...
  4. [all variants] Re: Manual Full System Encryption has been updated and simplified

    Why is encryptinstallation located on DropBox rather than Ubuntu PPA or GitHub? If you need these resources, I could provide them. I think a PPA would likely be easier to implement... also sudo wget...
  5. Re: When you snap download stuff does it check the file intergrity like sha256sum or

    Great question, one not easily answered. See the following blog post.
  6. Re: laptop from 2006, 1GB RAM, use for watching Youtube, what are my options?

    You have higher specs than my HP laptop. I use as my desktop environment. I use Palemoon as my Internet browser. I can't stream video very well, but I can play music and...
  7. Re: What is your opinion about CentOS ?

    I'm a CentOS user who moved to Debian. Ubuntu for my personal workstation. I dislike the IBM influence. I use RHEL at work everyday however. If you are looking for corporate American experience, that...
  8. Re: What to choose AppArmor / SELinux ?

    SELinux works for what you want to do, but it's a challenge to maintain on Ubuntu. There have been significant improvements after a Debian specialty team completed a lot of work, but there's still...
  9. Re: Best place to find practice material

    Linux Foundation and Linux Academy have different class material at different rates. Red Hat classes are remarkable as well. Of course nothing beats good old fashion reading. :)
  10. [ubuntu] Re: ipsec on ubuntu 20.04 connection configuration

    Here is the source for downloads.

    As a former Fortinet sys admin, I can confirm that it works for Ubuntu.
  11. Re: Keep away massive SSH login attempts

    I work in security. I've seen so many exploits in network forensics. I do not like opening my private home LAN for any reason.
  12. Re: Ubuntu Home Users Security (friendly) Discussion

    Depends on your risk tolerance. If you have low risk tolerance, you should be using a third-party email provider like Google to do most of this work for you. Then using an anti-virus scanner for...
  13. Re: Keep away massive SSH login attempts

    Thanks for the information, SeijiSensei. I'm asking specifically because I want to be sold on the idea, but I'm not quite there due to the two points you argue against SSH.

    1. SSH does not need a...
  14. Re: Keep away massive SSH login attempts

    Sincerely curious about this, SeijiSensei. How is this better than SSH direct? I would assume the latter has more visibility and therefore more likely to report issues with security. Also adding...
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    Re: Seeking advice on chess sites.

    Legally websites cannot track login information, user registration records, etc. for children under the age of 13 commonly in the USA. And I think other parts of the world that age range changes...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: ipsec on ubuntu 20.04 connection configuration

    Unfortunately you'll have to speak to your system administrator. Typically the vendor of the VPN will configure your desktop with a client.
  17. Re: Keep away massive SSH login attempts

    fail2ban and non-standard ports work wonders. Both are in Fu's link.

    I also allow only specific IP ranges to use my SSH port, which prevents most people commonly from a random IP subnet.

    Let us...
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    Re: Seeking advice on chess sites.

    You probably should use lichess. is a free/libre, open-source chess server powered by volunteers and donations.
  19. Re: Preferred Firewall on Debian 10

    ufw is solid and provides verbose logging, which is helpful for my use case. It also has a graphical user interface called gufw.
  20. Re: Ubuntu Home Users Security (friendly) Discussion

    Do I recommend AV for Linux? :/ In theory, it's necessary, but it's difficult to get right. Symantec Endpoint Protection in my opinion has the best product.
  21. Re: Ubuntu Home Users Security (friendly) Discussion

    I wish to add that my antivirus scanner picked up the first Linux threat I've seen in an email (and this was at home). :)
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    Re: Have you upgraded to 20.04?

    Aside from the entire rebuilding of the install scripts, so I have to use yaml instead of debian installer commands in the preseed. Yes, it's "easier" to use yaml, but I still have to redo all of the...
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    Re: Have you upgraded to 20.04?

    Switching from 18.04 LTS to 20.04 LTS was a headache for the enterprise. But for home, it was so simple. The new kernel really improved my experience on my HP as well, running newish amd of two years...
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    Re: SQUID Proxy redirection URLs

    The wiki explains how to accomplish this with scripts. It's a bit involved.

    Here's an example.
  25. [ubuntu] Re: I received and odd email security notice:confused:

    You likely have everything covered, but here's a short YouTube video that describes spear phishing.

    It is possible to be scammed or hacked outside of a...
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