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    [ubuntu] Re: Brute force attacking my server

    This is a really bad idea. The attacker is probably using a list of common passwords, and the next attacker is likely to use a similar list of common passwords. Changing your root password to a...
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    Re: How would you like an Ubuntu phone?

    Ubuntu's system requirements are too high to make a good phone OS unless it's modified quite a lot or unless phone specs get better.
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    Re: Computer Spec Thread

    - Dell Inspiron 1545
    - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz processor
    - 4 GB RAM
    - intel integrated graphics
    - a crappy wireless chipset (Broadcom BCM4312 LP-PHY)
    - dual monitors when I'm at...
  4. Thread: I'm the hacked guy

    by dgw

    [ubuntu] Re: i'lm the hacked guy

    Try plugging in a USB keyboard to see if that works. Borrow one from a friend if you have to.
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Truecrypt.... how to remote mount volume? or send bash script remotely?

    Is there a reason why you aren't just using ssh for this stuff?
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    Re: how do I close port 23 Linux Mint

    It's probably not your port 23 that's open. I would guess that you have a router and are sharing the internet connection with other people. One of them is running a service on port 23 and has it...
  7. Re: samsung knowingly installed keylogger on their laptops!

    And as long as it's not proven to be a hoax, he may have a lot to gain in the way of publicity for himself and the security consulting company he's trying to start. It's possible though that it's not...
  8. Re: samsung knowingly installed keylogger on their laptops!

    The Samsung keylogger story sounds like a hoax, or possibly like the guy who found it was actually infecting himself (maybe with an infected USB stick, or with pirated antivirus software that came...
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    Re: Best way to secure data?

    Random 64-character passwords aren't realistic for the average user. Most people will not be able to memorize that, and will end up writing it on a sticky note on their monitor, or copy/pasting it...
  10. Thread: Too few users

    by dgw

    Re: Too few users

    Wait, how did you make the leap from noting that there aren't many linux users at your school to determining that we're a clique that isn't friendly? I'm not following your train of thought. Also,...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Dropbox, where is the email address and password saved

    The email address is in a file called config.db, which is in a folder called .dropbox in your home folder. It's an sqlite file, not a text file, so you can't just view it in gedit. Go to terminal and...
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    Re: What percent of Linux users are female?

    I have no idea what percentage of linux users are female, but I figured I'd be the first female Debian user to reply to the thread. I switched to Debian from Ubuntu recently, and have been using...
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    Re: How to: Resize an Encrypted Partition (LUKS)

    edit: nevermind. I messed up while trying to follow this tutorial so I'm just going to restore from my backup rather than trying to fix it, because I'm not getting anywhere trying to fix it.
  14. [SOLVED] Re: VPN - I can connect in one part of the house but not another

    So...I was wrong. I was able to connect to Ipredator with the wired connection to the router, but not the wireless in my room, and thought it was due to the range extender. Then I tried connecting to...
  15. [SOLVED] VPN - I can connect in one part of the house but not another

    This isn't really an Ubuntu issue, but in searching for info on this, I've found a lot of people who have similar problems to mine when using Ubuntu but not when using Windows, and I'm using Ubuntu...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: most of my .ogv files won't play in Totem Movie Player

    I'm not sure how I missed that, they are in my home folder. The videos made in VLC work in VLC, but not in Totem. In Totem I get the error "Could not demultiplex stream."
  17. [ubuntu] Re: most of my .ogv files won't play in Totem Movie Player

    Installed it for totem, but I don't know which package to install for gstreamer.
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    Re: You've been deactivated

    I've never used Facebook and if that makes me a hermit, so be it. I just don't see the allure of it.
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    [ubuntu] Re: USB Ubuntu OS device and TrueCrypt

    You can use the alternate install CD to set up an encrypted install. It'll treat the flash drive like a regular hard drive that you can install Ubuntu onto. As the person above said, you can't use...
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    Re: LoL upon registration...

    I had a roommate who didn't know the answer to "What color was George Washington's black horse", which was on a registration form on another website. :p
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    Re: does anyone have a good pic of Tux like this?

    Sure. If you print the .pdf, the little tux's with Ubuntu logos on their tummies are about the right size to cover a key (you have to cut a little extra off the sides). I put some other linux and...
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    Re: does anyone have a good pic of Tux like this?

    I found a good enough image of Tux, put the Ubuntu logo on his tummy, and made the stickers. Um...thread solved. :p
  23. [ubuntu] Re: most of my .ogv files won't play in Totem Movie Player

    I tried to make a video in VLC and I think it recorded, but I don't know where VLC stores files. That was after spending far too long trying to figure out where the record button was, since it's...
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    Re: does anyone have a good pic of Tux like this?

    I'm not worried about my screen being calibrated wrong. I suppose maybe it is, but it's never been a problem before.

    I have no idea how to do this. Do you know of a guide that would explain...
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    does anyone have a good pic of Tux like this?

    I'm trying to find a picture of Tux with a strong white outline and a black background, possibly with an Ubuntu logo on his tummy. I'm going to shrink it and print it on sticker paper to cover the...
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