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  1. [ubuntu] Re: why there are so many 'ubuntu base' updates lately? almost evry day or so

    I get these too. Not a major annoyance, but the ones requiring restarts are, so I queried in Chat.

    I do notice that Ubuntu Base is updated...
  2. Re: Different Updates on Multiple Computers

    Yeah, I just left it at defaults. Never had an issue with speed or update failures, it's just the frequency that has me puzzled.
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    Re: what is your flavor?

    Currently Budgie with (<gasp>) Unity desktop. I don't get all the hate for Unity, I like it over Gnome.
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    Re: Ubuntu crashes

    Same here, consistent recurring problems I traced back to Nvidia drivers (Software & Updates -> Additional drivers.) I have three machines with Nvidia hardware.

    Infrequent stuff . . . .I love...
  5. Re: Different Updates on Multiple Computers

    Thank you, they are all at 18.04.4 (I think, the older one is off at the moment.) Yesterday that one got two updates, both requiring restart, which is mildly annoying.

    Not sure how to answer the...
  6. Re: Different Updates on Multiple Computers

    Thank you, that is "kind of" what I presumed about the timing, but what about the disparity of packages? For example, when a specific update would roll out for Windows, you could always watch for it...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 18.04LTS Apache2 PHP7.2 includes

    Are you sure that is the correct php.ini? (phinfo() will tell you so.)

    Not sure why it's acting up, but you can add the directory to your include path or copy the files to where it's looking for...
  8. Different Updates on Multiple Computers

    I can speculate the answer and have my theories, but perhaps there is a more definitive answer. Priority: -2.

    I work with an MSI I built, two System 76 Gazelles and a Dell Precision tower, all...
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    Re: Anyone else have this problem?

    Definitely. LOL
  10. Re: A dream of improvement. Can anyone implement it ?

    What you are seeing is the browser's way of coping with rendering a web page that was designed top down instead of least common denominator first, then graceful degradation for additional features if...
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    Re: Gmail - Google

    This totally blows, I do not like Thunderbird at all!
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Help with using Youtube videos with Ubuntu.

    Hughes Net? I am so sorry . . . but it is probably the same situation I was in, there was nothing else available. Hughes Net will **always** tell you everything is fine and there were several lies I...
  13. Re: user verification in signups on a new website

    ^^ Yes if you are in control of both sites it is your job to make it easy for them in as little steps/actions as possible. Look into OAuth2 or some other SSO (single sign on) option. A lot of sites...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Background picture not clear

    Looks like file corruption to me, can you locate the image and see if it opens in GIMP or some other image editor?
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    Re: dumb,dumber,dumbest

    As do we all . . . "The day a student becomes the master is the day he realizes he will always be a student." Probably mangled quote from I don't remember who. :-D
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to Disable Ubuntu CSS injection

    There are a couple things.

    Form controls such as input buttons and select lists come from the system. This has been one of the greatest challenges for web developers since the beginning, they are...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Stop laptop from shutting off when i flip the lid down in ubuntu

    I know you said tried setting it, but did you try
    System Settings (not "Settings") -> Power -> When List is Closed set to "Nothing" when plugged in?
  18. Re: initial choppy scrolling in any browser

    I would check graphics drivers, see which one is in use, see if there is an Nvidia driver available and that is selected. In a terminal,

    lspci | grep VGA

    Will tell you what is available.

  19. Re: Are system76 computers worth the extra money?

    Yes, the hardware is from China, especially the laptops. But they are doing much more than just rebranding, and are moving more and more to making their own equipment. Just last week they bought a...
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    Re: php failure: Text File Busy

    Closing tags are only necessary for inline code, a bad practice IMO (violates separation of concerns) and not required if it's the last output in the file.

    echo "<p>This is some inlne PHP...
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    Re: php failure: Text File Busy

    This most likely means at the time you are calling the script, it is being executed. PHP files after all are plain text files. I doubt there's a "forever" especially since you get nothing with lsof....
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    Re: Corona mask for IT/computer nerds

    ^ ^ LOL . . . or cd /home
  23. Re: Issues with Filezilla and FTP command line... ?

    I have had nightmares with FileZilla in the Windows days, but seems to be working fine in Ubuntu.

    A couple things to suggest: first is that for whatever reason FileZilla is losing the connection...
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    Re: Switching from Windows to Ubuntu

    +1 for OpenVpn, use it daily working remote.
  25. [ubuntu] Re: widescreen monitor: web pages constricted to centre with blank spaces on either s

    Right click page
    Select "Inspect Element" in FireFox or similar in other browsers, Chrome is "Inspect"
    This will show you the HTML and associated CSS. In one of the outer elements beginning with...
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