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    [SOLVED] Re: Need Help Switching to Classic Mode

    Can you get into a desktop at all?
    If you can then you will be able to run "Login screen", where at the bottom of the application
    you can select the default desktop session.

    But judging the...
  2. Re: Script Assassin : Use code to destroy the person above you

    See ya! ):P

    mv Metallion /dev/null
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    The Alt+F2 interface...

    Ok so I have been using Alt+F2 in unity quite a bit lately and have come across some
    strange occurrences with it...

    I am guessing that the history is supposed to show the recent commands that you...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 11.04 - Lost top bar and side launch bar

    can you open the terminal (ctrl alt t)?
    If you can, try typing "unity" this should start the launch bars again.
  5. [SOLVED] Ubuntu will not boot properly (displays wierd symbols)

    I recently upgraded from ubuntu 10.10 to ubuntu 11.04 but the upgrade froze on "setting up udisks".
    So I restarted the computer and ubuntu booted correctly and I could log in, I started the update...
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