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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Which release of Ubuntu should I use?

    For two reasons:
    1) It's still unclear what is happening in terms of 32-bit software and Ubuntu.
    it looks like it should be fine, but as of now it's an unknown.

    2)18.04.2 includes the...
  2. Re: I think the sis drivers should be added to the kernel. (Listen ubuntu devs)

    The Ubuntu devs don't read forum posts and/or respond to forum posts.
    You can report it as bugs or try the developers mailing lists:
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    Re: Ubuntu on a flash drive and grub

    Ubuntu needs less than 10Gb for the system, usually.
    So that would leave you with around 20Gb for personal usage.

    We are talkin' drive space and not RAM, right?
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    Re: Ubuntu off a cd?

    Not on a cd, not anymore.
    You need a dvd.

    The file size is too big for cd anymore.

    Same procedure as any other
    Download Ubuntu burn it a dvd put disk in dvd drive start machine and select...
  5. Re: TechLead claims almost all software developers in high tech firms use MacOS

    Stack Overflow does a massive developer survey every year.
    Here's this years current top platforms:
  6. Re: Restart results in black acreen new kernel 4.15.0-48

    You can read and participate in the very heated discussions here:
  7. Thread: beans

    by deadflowr

    Re: beans

    You can also get them by asking for help in the support sections.
  8. Thread: beans

    by deadflowr

    Re: beans

    beans relate to support posts.
    You get them by helping users with problems in the Support sections.
    The Cafe, Ubuntu Linux OS Chat, and Forum Feedback sections are discussion sections so no beans...
  9. [SOLVED] Re: /var/log/journal stray files on one 18.04 box?

    Use journalctl commands to clear out old journal logs.
    I periodically use --vacuum-time=1d to clear out all except those for today
    Check the disk-usage

    journalctl --disk-usage
    clear out older...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Error encountered while processing

    I think mysql-connector-python is only the source package and the actual package should be python-mysql.connector.
    Or python2-mysql.connector.
  11. [SOLVED] Re: sudoedit - how to use it correctly? (19.04)

    You can edit system files from the file manager by using the open as root function.
    It's up in the Tools menu item.
    It'll prompt for the admin user password then open a new file manager window as...
  12. Re: How can I get Disks utility that ran in Ubuntu 12?

    Not sure what you mean?
    Values should be self evident in the smart data popup window.
  13. Re: How can I get Disks utility that ran in Ubuntu 12?

    The settings you want are in that hamburger (three horizontal lines) icon in the top panel area on the right side.
    That has smart and disk format options.
  14. [kubuntu] Re: KDESU Freezes on a fresh install of Kubuntu

    Your issue is probably closer related to the fact that certain applications can no longer run as root.
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    Re: N64 emulators won't work

    Even though mupen64plus in the software store is a graphical frontend it does come with the mupen64plus command line utility.
    Try running a game through a terminal and grab the output it produces....
  16. Re: Who is your ISP & what kind of connection are you using ?

    Ma Bell
    Fiber Optic
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    [SOLVED] Re: Online Accounts App

    I would think you'd have to unlock the keyring (It's in Passwords and Keys > Login)
    You'd have to do this before adding the account to online accounts.
    And then every time you logged in.
  18. Re: Files sometimes freeze on double clicking icon

    Unfortunately the view count is broken, so it's unclear how many total have viewed it.
    You're allowed to BUMP a thread about once or twice a day or so (anywhere between 12 and 24 hours)
    which will...
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    Re: N64 emulators won't work

    Thread moved to Emulators

    Which emulators aren't working?
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    [SOLVED] Re: Install ClamAV

    Use the version from the repos.
    It'll give a warning of it being outdated, but always work as expected. (Or should)
    The Ubuntu devs patch it regularly to keep it functional.
    It gets security fixes...
  21. Re: is there any way to identify a 16gb intel optane module via terminal ?

    To remove the loops run it with -x squashfs like

    df -hT -x squashfs

    They relate to snap packages which are installable through the Software store.
    To see whether an application in the Store is...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Online Accounts App

    The problem seems to be it's not getting (or cannot be) saved to the login keyring.
    Are you auto-logging in or something?
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    [SOLVED] Re: Online Accounts App

    Does a reboot work instead?
    Also, is this using the gdm (Ubuntu' new login screen), or have you switch to lightdm (The older login screen Ubuntu used)?
    I seem to remember there have been issues...
  24. Re: Fake Nvidia GTX970 (GM204) on kubuntu

    Are you saying every time you login you see the Driver Manager window?

    It might be you have restore previous session settings set in System Settings.
    Look in Settings >> Startup and Shutdown >>...
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    Re: var disk space warning

    What's in /var/lib?
    Snap buildup maybe?
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