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  1. [ubuntu] Where is the download for fglrx/ATI Legacy 13.1 driver?

    Could someone please link me to the download for the ATI fglrx Legacy 13.1 driver for linux?
    I can not seem to find it when i go to the ATI driver page. Decided i would go ahead and upgrade to...
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    yo frankie picks up false joystick.

    How can i get yo frankie to stop detecting a joy stick? The only thing plugged in is a mouse, and i even tried with mouse unplugged. He just spins in circles!
    I read you should be able to use...
  3. [ubuntu] [Python] Strange behavior in help> prompt

    I am running on ubuntu 11.04, python 2.7.1+, and i have also installed kde with sudo apt-get install kde-standard kde-full basket.
    I chose gdm as defualt display manager during kde install when it...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: [12.10] Installed fglrx, rebooted, system crashed.

    Any idea if the legacy driver work with "xvba-va-driver"?
  5. [ubuntu] [12.10] Installed fglrx, rebooted, system crashed.

    Before i begin, this will be a rather long post. Since everyone usually wants the specifics, here they are, up front:
    My laptop specs:
    HP pavilion dv7-2185dx, with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650...
  6. [ubuntu] dialup internet in ubuntu 12.04 / ubuntu 12.10?

    I am going to be installing either 12.10, because it is newer, or 12.04, because it is a LTS release, on a laptop.
    I have only dial up internet.
    Can some one please tell me what i need to get...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: dialup user, wishing to move to later release, need some advice.

    Really? No one has anything to say and try to help me?
  8. [ubuntu] Re: dialup user, wishing to move to later release, need some advice.

    I am planning to move to either ubuntu 12.04 because it is LTS, or ubuntu 12.10 because it is newer.

    I am on dial up, so i will not have any internet after i install.
    What do i need to go...
  9. [ubuntu] dialup user, wishing to move to later release, need some advice.

    Hello everyone!
    Not really had a reason to post here in a while, but now...
    I am in a bit of a situation here, and need some advice.
    Currently, I am at Ubuntu 11.04, been using it since it came...
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    Tired of gnome

    I am tired of gnome (the new version that tries to be a apple product at least) and was wanting to change to something else.
    I just need to know though: would xfce, lxde, or ede have any problems to...
  11. Any good first/third-person shooters with single player?

    I would like to know of any first-person or third person shooters that have real single player modes. (I.E. not "offline practice" with a handful of bots...) Sorry, but 'smokin guns' against 4 bots...
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    Re: Desura Game Distribution Platform

    Any idea how to back up your games? Like, in case i have to reinstall ubuntu, and find my self with no internet for awhile?

    would just copying the whole desura install directory be enough??
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    [ubuntu] HP pavilion dv7-2185dx lid light

    I have this light in laptop lid is on all the time, wasting power. Can someone tell if there is someway to control it, or disable it.
    I have seen applications that can control keyboard leds, so i...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Help me setup a simple network for ssh'ing, please?

    Thanks everyone, for getting me up and going. I do have 1 more minor issue though: i was able to ssh into the wii linux, but when i tried to ssh into my laptop, i get 'ssh: connection to host...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Help me setup a simple network for ssh'ing, please?

    I knew this was going to be over my head. I got the cross over cable in place, i booted the wii into linux, and it is trying to 'dhcpdiscover on, port 67' and getting nowhere. I have...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Help me setup a simple network for ssh'ing, please?

    Not tot be rude, but the following is from the setup instructions:
    If a Nintendo RVL-015 LAN adapter or compatible adapter is attached to your Nintendo Wii console, the whiite-linux system will try...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Help me setup a simple network for ssh'ing, please?

    Thanks. Yes, i think the wii-linux is configured by default for DHCP.
    Would you mind telling me though, how, if i needed to do so, to change my ip address? But i am pretty sure it is set up for...
  18. [ubuntu] Help me setup a simple network for ssh'ing, please?

    All i really want to do is be able to ssh into my other linux system. I am not interested in internet sharing, or even file sharing.
    My situation is as follows:

    [linux laptop with unused...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Nonworking Headphone Jacks

    Ok, if i use alsa mixer, not the one in my panel, i can turn down the main speaker, and still get sound out the headphones. Can i make that program my default, instead of having to launch it from...
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    [other] Re: Really big mess. Need some help.

    Windows 7 partition manager shows 4 partitions: c: , system reserved, unknown, and unknown. Those last 2 would be my linux and swap partition.

    Is there any way to 'unhide' the partitions? Only...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Nonworking Headphone Jacks

    I have what ever the ubuntu 9.10 disc installed, nothing else. Just downloaded gnome alsa mixer from ubuntu software center, now what?
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    [other] Really big mess. Need some help.

    I would love to have an explanation for this, and hopefully a fix. Now, lets see if i can try to explain what i think happened:
    This laptop belonged to my father, and he had ubuntu and windows 7 on...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Nonworking Headphone Jacks

    Under the output tab, i have;
    choose a device for sound output:
    (.) internal audio analog sterio
    () r700 audio device [radeon hd 4000 series] digital stereo (hdmi)
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    [ubuntu] Nonworking Headphone Jacks

    Hello, i am using ubuntu 9.10 on a hp pavilion dv7 2185dx. Previously, i had been using ubuntu 9.04, but had no sound at all, so i was glad to see that working in my new 9.10 install, but now it...
  25. [xubuntu] Re: ATTENTION HP dvX laptop owners with speaker sound issues ...

    Thanks to this topic, I was able to get sound on my HP Pavilion dv7-2185dx. However, I still have no mic, and sound is output through headphone and speakers at same time. The dv7-2185dx has two...
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