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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Why do /home/username/.cache get locked by root?

    Tried that, but somehow root was repossessing them. I gave up and began systematically sudo-removing folders. (I think getting rid of dconf fixed most window-positioning issues.)

    So I didn't fully...
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    Re: What's your glmark2 score?

    OpenGL Information
    GL_VENDOR: Tungsten Graphics, Inc
    GL_RENDERER: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 945GM x86/MMX/SSE2
    GL_VERSION: 1.4 Mesa 8.0.4
    glmark2 Score: 36
    Intel Core 1 Duo 1.2 GHz, Xubuntu,...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Why do /home/username/.cache get locked by root?

    Crap. I think I did this with File-Roller at some point. That might be why it won't remember window size or positioning unless I run as "sudo file-roller".

    Have any ideas on resetting the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu on older system

    You can run Ubuntu 12.04 without unity I believe... I forgot how to do that, but I know it IS possible to have the robust GNOME-style interface without the resource intensive Unity bar.

    That said,...
  5. [SOLVED] Why do /home/username/.cache get locked by root?

    Just performed a shutdown/reboot in Xubuntu 12.04 LTS and when I got back, I had difficulty opening up Firefox, Software Center, and a bunch of stuff. Usually a log file was missing, a profile...
  6. Re: Any reason why not all emulators can see a controller?

    Oh, where's the source for VBA-M?

    QJoy (and similar programs) would work for Visual Boy Advance, but the other issue would be the SONY gamepad; it doesn't get recognized by QJoyPad or even...
  7. Re: Best recommended USB Gamepad for old skool emulation?

    A PS3 controller, via USB at least, should theoretically work.
    X360 controllers, via USB, I know for certain work.

    There are USB-adapters for SNES and older console gamepads. (There many such as...
  8. Any reason why not all emulators can see a controller?

    I have a few emulators and a few USB controllers. Some emulators see one controller, but not the other. Some see both controllers. Some see none.

    For example, Visual Boy Advance (1.8 off the...
  9. Re: Installing Doom w/ multiplayer and custom wads to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    Pardon my ignorance, buy isn't Doom2 a DOS game that you could use DOSbox to emulate?
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    Re: Voxel Sandbox Games for Linux?

    What machine are you using? I find Minecraft was made for a multi-core machine; single-core processors, no matter how mighty, really don't handle it well.
  11. Re: Program running out of memory with 2GB memory?!

    Indeed, Bowtie 2 does not require 4GB of RAM... but still 3.2GB Considering this is a Celeron-based 32-bit core laptop, the limit might be...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Flash drive mayhem

    Yes, I agree. Except that when I mentioned my flash drive "hitting gridlock," it was a new one I bought this year that I had only used for about a month. I surmise that something other than age must...
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    Re: (X)ubuntu and Win8 -- possible on 60 GB?

    I'll probably make my own made-within-OS recovery disk using one of the many methods provided -- I might as well do it before 8.1 rolls in and disables that feature.

    But I still stand by using DD...
  14. Re: Anyone having problem connecting Sixaxis trough USB?

    I've installed QtSixA before, on both 12.04 and 11.04; aside from the nifty GUI, the controller still isn't detected via USB. With my 11.04 laptop, it also has an additional "no bluetooth available"...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Flash drive mayhem

    DuckHook said everything that could be said -- interrupting data transfer can be highly unpredictable and can toast the entire drive. If the data is incredibly important, you can take it to...
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    Re: Video quit working today

    Do you have a LiveCD to see if this could be a hardware issue or a driver issue?
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    Re: Playing older PC games on Ubuntu

    There are Linux ports of those already?
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    Re: Have you purchased a Linux game lately?

    I think I just purchased Mighty No.9 (Kickstarter) and was gifted a Humble Indie Bundle... with no Steam.
  19. Re: Anyone having problem connecting Sixaxis trough USB?

    Ah, that's always what I hear here, but upgrading is always problematic. How will GRUB handle it? How will I export all my settings? Will my iR and dial-up modem still work? Will I be able to dig out...
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    (X)ubuntu and Win8 -- possible on 60 GB?

    Probably overhtinking things, but I wanted to be sure.

    I've got an old laptop that runs Win8 that I just moved to a 60GB SSD. Since that was a success, I figure a simple liveCD and DD should work...
  21. Anyone having problem connecting Sixaxis trough USB?

    In another thread here about users having connection difficulties with the Sony Sixaxis over bluetooth. I'm having some difficulty with it over USB (made a thread in the Gaming section).

    It's a...
  22. [SOLVED] Re: Advice on backup methods, schedules, applications, for my situation

    Would you be open to imaging the entirety of your drive?

    "Making an image" of a partition is like "clone everything down to the last detail," so that upon restoration, absolutely everything goes...
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    Re: Any new Xbox Emmulators for Linux in 2014?

    Simple answer: Not enough (or right) people liked the XBOX enough to continue development.

    The same thing happened to the Gamecube; the fact that the Wii uses similar hardware gave the Dolphin...
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    Re: Is it possible to play PS3 on linux?

    So it can do a few functions the real system can do. Remember when the experimental Nintendo DS emulators came out?

    You can likely run RPCS3 through WINE in its current state; I won't be too...
  25. Problems recognizing Sony Navigation controller

    Anyone else successfully use a Playstation Move Navigation controller? (Specifically in Natty/11.04, but I'll take advice for 12.04 or even Windows too.)

    My goal is to use it via the USB cable,...
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