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    [ubuntu] Re: Serial port sharing

    have you had any luck solving this problem, I am trying to figure it out too.
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    [all variants] headless webcam lamp server guidance

    I would like an easy method of setting up a webcam on my intrepid headless lamp server.

    I have Putty and Xming on my (groan) Vista box.
    I have Azureus running headless on my Intrepid server. (So...
  3. [gnome] Re: Samba Networking with Vista + Ubuntu with Nautilus

    I have a rediculous solution, in that it is so easy it is almost silly.

    In the file browser click on network.
    Click on WORKGROUP
    Click on the VISTA pc...

    append the vista share folder into...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: networking wondering if it is imposable

    I am having the same problem.
    My setup is a Vista box from which I can see (and access)shares from both a Ubuntu Intrepid desktop box and a Ubuntu Intrepid laptop...
    I can see the network and...
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