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  1. error "Inappropriate ioctl for device" when doing rar decompression

    So I was doing a decompression of a multipart rar file (like ***.part1.rar, ***.part2.rar, etc) on a Ubuntu 8.04 i386 installed from Wubi.

    In Nautilus, I rightclicked on one file, then "Extract...
  2. Re: Please dont make me go through this agony.. (WoW on Ubuntu)

    Have you read through the guide at Wineapp?

    You need to do some registry tweak. WoW is well supported on wine and so is RoC and...
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    [other] Re: Practice Linux on Windows?

    Use Wubi, do it now! Virtual machines can't give you the whole experience, I'd tap Vbox/Xen for servers, but not a desktop.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: can skype 2.0 replace all the features of yahoo messenger?

    The latest version of Skype has video telephony support for Linux, and that's Skype 2.0
  5. Re: Watchout - WUBI uninstall not working on XP - Ubuntu Hardy Heron failure

    Wubi uninstalled itself and the Ubuntu installation perfectly on my machine, no complaints whatsoever.

    It WORKS.
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    Re: How to use sopcast effortlessly

    Yes, it works on Hardy. Been using this for days and it works fine, though a GUI would be even better. Plus, the sopcast website or the channel list seems to be down at this time.
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    Re: How to use sopcast effortlessly

    The VLC window won't instantly popup, you'll have to wait for a few seconds, on my machine, that's like 10 seconds or so, depending on the channel. Most likely, VLC will be opened after sopcast has...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: FTP. FileZilla. Friend's house 10 miles away. Possible?

    Dude, FTP is not some crazily confusing stuff, and plus you got the GUI, just look at it.

    Filezilla would be a good client for him on xp
  9. [ubuntu] Re: FTP. FileZilla. Friend's house 10 miles away. Possible?

    Install GProFTPD, a GUI frontend WITH the FTP server. It's available in the Ubuntu repository, so just straight forward click through. Then set it up (done in GUI), make a user account for your...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Emulating Windows Media Player 10+ ?

    The black screen and no sound problem is mostly due to the movies/opengl.
    It's better to delete those .mpg files in your Movies folder, then launch the program (preferably 1.21b). Of course, using...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Emulating Windows Media Player 10+ ?

    Have you tried these threads. Would change your player mode to USB disk help?

    BTW, Warcraft III...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: [torrent, emule] Recommed clients please!

    Don't know why you can't get amule working, it's pretty straight forward I think. Post your problem.

    You can use emule with wine, install wine from Ubuntu respository, and then emule. Though the...
  13. Share your torrent Seedbox experience!!

    People, this is a thread where you can share your Seedbox experience, compare performances of various torrent seedbox providers.

  14. [ubuntu] Re: Can't access my college login system

    yeah, does seem like a referer error. indeed looks like a cookie blocking problem. They say they only support ie/netscape, but they offer their phone numbers there, did you try to talk to them about...
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    [ubuntu] Re: aMSN

    What trouble your laptop is giving you? Since it works fine on your desktop, what's so different about the laptop?
  16. Re: Why Not /home partition by default

    I don't see the point of having a seperate partition if it's still gonna be on the same harddisk.
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    [ubuntu] Re: virtualbox installation problem

    If you just download the .deb file from, there will be no problem. Unlike the OSE version which is in Ubuntu's repository, this compilation will do the kernel...
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    [ubuntu] Re: innotek virtual box

    Well, had the same problem myself.
    sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq virtualbox
    the above line worked.

    read man for the -remove-reinstreq option
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    [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] installation bork

    So how was it solved? would love to know cause I'm having the same problem.

  20. [ubuntu] Re: When launching update manager I recieve the following message - how do I correct


    Having a similar "needs to be reinstalled, and find an archive for it" error.

    someone help!
  21. [all variants] Re: Deluge, multiple torrents, everyone stalled

    I didn't setup port forwarding for bittorrent (for eMule yeah), cause I use random ports and let UPnP set up the port. I also tried utorrent with wine, fine exactly.

    Probably my router has...
  22. [all variants] Deluge, multiple torrents, everyone stalled

    Hi all,

    I'm using Deluge to seed one file and download another one.

    If I just enable one of them, everything is fine, downloading/uploading is normal. However, if I let both of the them run,...
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    Poll: Re: Who will win? Nadal or Federer?

    Federer, yeah right, beat the hell out of that Spaniard on clay. DO it.
  24. Re: I installed wubi can i make the disk bigger?

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    The thing about the current LVPM is: when you want to resize it, it actually creates a new file disk and copy the original file bit by bit to the new disk, then renaming...
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    [xfce] Re: xfce bringing blank screes

    "That error you got states that dbus is not running. XFCE needs dbus to communicate between the various components and applications. Run /etc/init.d/dbus and see if that helps. After running dbus run...
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