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  1. 12.04 mythweb root redirects to /mythweb ?

    I'm run dpkg-reconfigure mythweb and told it I would like to host other sites, yet it still persists that if I go to:
    it redirects to

    I tried removing...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 Recent Update Breaks Network Services (FIXED)

    you forgot


    while this works to get connected, it still seems as though all services...
  3. [ubuntu] 12.04: NFS server stops responding, shows high CPU use in top

    I upgraded some components on my "fileserver" at home and now when other machines are accessing files over it the nfs server will stop responding and when I look at top there are ~5nfs processes that...
  4. [ubuntu] lucid: upgrade from 2.6.32-24 to a 3.x kernel possible?

    I'll move to 12.04 if I have to, but I'd prefer to just upgrade the kernel if that is possible?

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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 11.10 will not suspend

    I'm interested in this too as this appears to be an issue on my mom's Lenovo Thinkpad SL400. If I try and suspend from the menu the screen turns black except for the date and logged in user name on...
  6. [ubuntu] 11.10: lightdm/gnome/unity won't "load" after laptop suspends

    Just installed 11.10 on my Lenovo Thinkpad SL400. Most things are working fine, but we noticed this morning after closing the laptop lid while on the lightdm login screen that when we opened the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Lirc vs Maverick Meerkat 10.04

    has anyone tried this on 10.04 lately? the patch doesn't apply cleanly any more and I can't find the linked to version of the lirc_zilog.c file by
  8. [ubuntu] wine 1.3.31 audio just stopped working?

    hello all,

    I recently got Spotify working in Wine. As part of the setup I used winecfg to do the "Test Audio" to make sure audio worked, it did. I've since been able to use Spotify to to play...
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    [ubuntu_studio] Re: Network audio with JACK

    I'm trying to get this to work but jack_netsource says Not Connected and I can't get audio to work.

    how did you get this to work with jacktrip?
  10. [all variants] Upstart: How do I keep a package installed, but prevent it from running via Upstart?

    I have some programs installed but I wish to prevent them from running at system boot via Upstart AND to not revert back to this state after each upgrade.

    I know how to accomplish the first part...
  11. [mythbuntu] Lucid: wireless N taking precedence over ethernet connection


    I have one of these nifty Atom based "net-top" boxes that has built in wireless N and gigabit ethernet. the problem I have is that even when the ethernet cable is plugged in Ubuntu seems to...
  12. [all variants] VSFTP + pam htpasswd + virtual users = "500 OOPS: cannot locate user entry:"

    I followed the directions here:

    but now I get

    500 OOPS: cannot locate user entry:music
    Login failed.

    I see...
  13. [all variants] Re: How do I prevent kernel upgrade with 10.04?

    I don't want to use synaptic as this is a headless server, I'd prefer to just stick with the command line apps like apt-get
  14. [all variants] How do I prevent kernel upgrade with 10.04?

    I search, and everything I find seems to be "old" information that no longer works.

    I currently have,
    linux-image-2.6.32-21-generic/lucid uptodate 2.6.32-21.32...
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    [SOLVED] Re: ALSA 1.0.23 - Still no HDMI device

    bprins directions worked perfectly for me on two systems. thanks!
  16. [all variants] Re: How to set up forked-daapd (mt-daapd replacement) on 9.10

    Anyone try this on Lucid (10.04)? I'm trying and get this when I run autoreconf -i

    $ autoreconf -i warning: AM_ICONV is m4_require'd but not m4_defun'd
  17. [all variants] 10.04 Nvidia driver not able to load for X with two GPU's?

    I have one system with an onboard 7050 and a GT220 in the PCIE slot. In 9.10 it worked fine, but with 10.04 X refuses to load using the nvidia driver, says it can't load. for PCI2:0:0 I'm using the...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Pressed 's' to skip mount on boot - now always have to mount manually

    no, I should not have to. fstab is where one has traditionally, for quite a while now, placed filesystem mounting information. It worked in 9.10 and works in every other distribution I've seen, this...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Pressed 's' to skip mount on boot - now always have to mount manually

    this is *ridiculously* annoying and a huuuuge regression. I was planning on running 10.04 but now if there is no way to stop this from happening I'm going to go back to 9.10
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    [ubuntu] Re: macbook 6,1 and ubuntu 9.10

    well on mine, it doesn't seem to like the fact that there is no separate button, and so when i try to click it moves the cursor, rather annoying.
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    [ubuntu] Re: macbook 6,1 and ubuntu 9.10

    how do you set up the keyboard and mouse to behave "like they do in OSX"?

    i'd like to remap the ctrl/alt keys to behave like they do in OSX.

    Also, the touchpad doesn't seem to work with...
  22. [all variants] karmic: opensync barry plugin not working?

    $ apt-show-versions -a|grep opensync-plugin-barry
    opensync-plugin-barry 0.14-2.1ubuntu1 install ok installed
    opensync-plugin-barry 0.14-2.1ubuntu1 karmic
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    [kubuntu] Re: 9.10 plasma freezing

    anyone? is no one else having this problem?

    a minor update, I disabled compositing and it still occurs, so whatever is happening doesn't seem to be an issue with that.
  24. [all variants] does ltsp-update-image take overlay into consideration?

    Hello all, I was wondering if, when one updates an ltsp image using ltsp-update-image if it automatically takes into consideration the overlay changes into consideration? ie does it look to see what...
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    [kubuntu] 9.10 plasma freezing

    Hello all!
    So all this has been happening for a while using ppa builds of KDE4 with 9.04, but now I'm running a fresh 9.10 install. This is on my laptop with an nvidia 9300M and the latest nvidia...
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