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  1. [SOLVED] Re: How To Stream Video To Your iPhone The Easy Way

    I am extremely new to ubuntu (like 2 days old lol). I have followed the instructions below and where I run into issues is that when I launch Air Video is that it tells me that bonjour isnt...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Need help with 2gig EEE PC installation

    argh - well off to futureshop to get a usb key. I am not lugging around a portable cd rom because the one that i am using is like a tank lol.

    Great response time guys - that is awesome!!!
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Need help with 2gig EEE PC installation

    Hey there,

    Thanks for the quick response

    It's a 700meg file that was downloaded. Not to seem naive, but that turns into a 4 gig installation? If that is the case, I guess I will have to turn...
  4. [ubuntu] Need help with 2gig EEE PC installation

    Hello All!

    I am pulling what little hair I have left out trying to install ubunto on my new eee pc.

    ee pc - 2gig

    - I downloaded the iso and create the boot cd
    - upon boot up I choose to...
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