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    Re: My amazing very old laptop

    I'd try to do to it what I've done with an old desktop I had once, which is a very stripped down debian install running openbox for a gui and relying on mostly cli and x windows tools.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: cheap compatible printer for ubuntu laptop

    The rule of thumb I use for printers or any external hardware for that matter is if the box says it works with Mac then it should in theory work with linux and the cups drivers. This doesn't always...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Changing Default Terminal (13.10)
    Ill just link to an article instead of going through how to. Now with guake you just press f12 and it opens...
  4. Re: How to stop programs running at startup?

    Open settings manager in your main menu, under system you will find session and startup, in Session and startup navigate to the session tab and clear saved sessions with the button at the bottom,...
  5. Re: finally made it to 12.4-- need to install an e mail system

    You have your choice here. Thunderbird is pretty standard but can get heavy, evolution is nice, Geary is nice and light. Any will do what you want. I suggest instead of taking the default...
  6. Re: How is it Ubuntu never really gets any easier to use?

    I guess my experience with Ubuntu and Windows has been the exact opposite of yours. More than once this week I've wished and even googled to see if there was a way to use ALSA in windows. As I've...
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    Re: Updating issues

    since these are python packages I assume that a apt-get purge python* will purge all of python but you will have to write down exactly what is being removed so you can reinstall. Also you may need...
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    Re: Updating issues

    have you tried dpkg -P package_name by chance then reinstall the package
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    Re: Bash Script Improvement

    maybe add a way to clean up broken ppa's something like

    echo "Please wait checking system for broken ppa's"

    sudo apt-get update > update.txt

  10. [SOLVED] Re: Android custom prompt on sh shell

    Ok well I got a workaround (which is actually a better solution) but I would still like to know which files bourne shell reads at init.

    Here is my workaround
    download bash for android from xda,...
  11. [SOLVED] Android custom prompt on sh shell

    hello everyone I got a question and I hope someone may have an idea of where to look. I am trying to set a custom prompt on my android (sh shell non login). I have edited /etc/profile but this...
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    Re: BBC news rss and conky

    that is a world wide web address not a really simple syndication address. Conky will not parse that as rss.
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    Re: Ubuntu Web Safety

    You may want to try a virtual machine or maybe even a live disk on a usb that way everything is sandboxed from your primary system
  14. Re: Possible Successful hacking attempt to my Ubuntu machine?

    I do not ever keep a vnc session running for security reasons. If I got to remote access my desktop I invoke a vnc session via ssh then kill the vnc server after I am done. I also use ssh keys...
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    BBC news rss and conky

    Hey everyone I am trying to get my conky set up to display the BBC News world headlines but can't find the correct link for my script to parse. Does anyone know what it is? I am needing the...
  16. Re: Adjusting to Life without Installers

    I just unpack to my home directory then make a symbolic link to whichever file that starts the program in /usr/local/bin/


    sudo ln -s /home/user/myprogram/ /usr/local/bin
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    [SOLVED] Re: How to force an app update

    apt-get -f install fixes broken packages

    you need to add the backports repositories manually by editing /etc/apt/sources.list and adding

  18. [ubuntu] Re: Suggest a good beginners book for Linux/Ubuntu.

    this is not a book but more of a blog but the guy does an excellent job at explaining things and he has an ebook which I think is awesome at learning some basic command line stuff and a really good...
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    Re: Google and RTFM already!

    Man pages? How many times have I've typed man "foo" only to get

    "foo" is a nix command line tool that invokes "Bar"

    author: trollface.

    no synopsis which helps

    description foo does baz to...
  20. Re: Xubuntu install offers meaningless suggestion

    I suggest a slideshow of penguins wearing funny hats
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    [ubuntu] Re: Wireless Cannot be Enabled

    I use to know exactly how to fix this issue. I believe answer #2 is what you are needing but I'm not sure anymore...
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    Re: What browser do you use and why?

    I would like to add besides firefox on my desktop I use UCBrowser on my mobile. Need UC on my desktop. I think it would give lynx and w3m a run for their money at speed.
  23. [all variants] Re: mail, mutt and marking mail as important

  24. Re: Need help with a moderately botched installation...

    in that case i would delete the 8GB one as long as you are sure its ext 3-4 format since that would indicate a nix file system. the 1MB one err on the side of caution and leave it alone and of...
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    [xubuntu] Re: get terminal on login

    can you post the output of your boot log located at /var/log/boot.log, and maybe /var/log/Xorg.log (it may be Xorg.0.log or some number. When you post these enclose them in the code tags please. You...
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