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  1. [ubuntu] how do i know what hardware i am actually using?

    i am trying to figure out what kind of hardware i actually use on my hp dv800t laptop. i would like to remove modules for stuff i dont use, such as pcmcia and expresscard slots, firewire, anything...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Formatting 2nd Hard drive

    if you are already running linux, and this second hdd is just for files or anything other than a windows os, i would use gparted and go for ext3.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Windows XP dual boot problem

    you could of just done a wubi install from windows and be done with it. That's probably the easiest way to set up a dual-boot if you are just getting into linux.
  4. [xubuntu] Re: Duel Boot installation w/out XP CDs: Possible?

    I just walked my cousin through this no more than 2 hours ago using Kubuntu 8.04.
    First, start up XP, make sure your C: drive (or whatever drive XP is installed on) has at least 6gb of space...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Minimal encrypted Ubuntu 8.04 install with easy upgrade possibilities

    Thank you for all of the useful info mpb. Real quick though...
    Interesting. How do you go about creating a script like this. I know how to create a list of all installed packages using the...
  6. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Minimal encrypted Ubuntu 8.04 install with easy upgrade possibilities

    I have a laptop with two seperate 80gb hdd's, currently running xp pro sp2. i am looking to dual boot ubuntu 8.04 with this, but i have some serious questions.

    -I know that i want the...
  7. [SOLVED] dual boot with two separate HDDs, and mac os x (leopard) on linux?

    Ok, check it. I am fairly new to this so be prepared for my lack of knowledge on the subject. I have a notebook pc with two separate HDD's (C:\ and D:\), each with 80gb capacity. I currently have...
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