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    [ubuntu] Re: WUSB54G doesn't work in Hardy Heron?

    I followed the instructions above and have a similar problem. I unclick roaming mode, choose the proper wireless network ssid and then it connects. The wireless network box is checked. When I close...
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    Re: why Linux both is great and sucks

    I know Linux does not only == Ubuntu. However, this is an Ubuntu forum, so most people on here are not going to be discussing rpm package installers (or the lack thereof). And most of what I said was...
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    [ubuntu] davfs permission denied

    I mounted my account successfully with the following line:

    sudo mount -t davfs /media/
    I added my username and password to the davfs2/secrets file
    and I now...
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    [ubuntu] Linksys WUSB54G V4 in Hardy

    I followed the instructions in this post: I've disabled roaming mode and put in all the information, Network name-linksys with no password...
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    [ubuntu] Auto Mount

    I've used the instructions from this post to mount my account as a drive in Linux:

    Now I open the terminal and type:

    sudo mount -t...
  6. [ubuntu] The bug has already been reported

    So the duplicate entries problem is obviously an Evolution the category list a gnome-pilot bug? I wish there any way to test this out by...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Evolution Duplicating Addressbook Entries

    Thanks for the quick response...I've done that and now I've now run into another weird problem. Originally the categories were copied to my computer. However, because of the duplicates, I deleted the...
  8. [ubuntu] Evolution Duplicating Addressbook Entries

    This is going to be a bit long-winded, so I'm going to cut to the chase right now and then fill in details later: I have a Treo 680 that I've synchronized with Evolution, then through...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Kpilot sync with palm PDA in Ubuntu 8.04 'Hardy'

    Nevermind, I figured it out on my own. If someone could please show me how to delete posts, I'd really appreciate it. I've jumped the gun a few times after "exhausting all resources" only to search...
  10. [ubuntu] Kpilot sync with palm PDA in Ubuntu 8.04 'Hardy'

    This seems like a silly, but I read in this thread that you are supposed to link ttyUSBxx (whatever USB number that your Palm is hooked up to) to...
  11. [ubuntu] Finding programs once I've installed them

    This has probably been addressed somewhere else (and feels a little silly), some programs are automatically added to the list of Applications, some automatically to System, and some I cannot find...
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    [ubuntu] Re: VIA Audio on PCChips P53G - Too quiet

    Success! I just followed the instruction from this post, albeit for Hoary and it worked fine. When I opened alsamixer, the Master Front column was all the way down, so I don't know if it was due just...
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    why Linux both is great and sucks

    I just read some posts from users complaining that they cannot just install programs like in Windows. I have no problem... I just wanted to explain my thoughts on the matter. It is frustrating when a...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Sync Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning - Treo 680 - GCal

    I just read some of dolecannery's other posts and I now realize this person is sincerely upset that he can't just install programs like in Windows. I can agree with him to an extent. It is...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Sync Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning - Treo 680 - GCal

    Could you please send me back a reply to clarify why you are upset with my post? I understand that Linux will take a little more time to set up...I'd rather use it because I want to support the...
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    [ubuntu] VIA Audio on PCChips P53G - Too quiet

    I've seen a bunch of posts about "no audio" with this VIA Chipset (VT8237S) but no one seems to have my problem: It's too quiet. I have the volume on the speakers, in the program and in the system...
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    [ubuntu] Disabling G-Pilot

    How do I disable G-pilot so I can use opensync, k-pilot, j-pilot or another sync program?
  18. [ubuntu] Sync Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning - Treo 680 - GCal

    I really do not like Evolution. I tried to figure out how to change the ports for the Gmail IMAP and SMTP servers...still haven't figured it out. I set it up to sync with my public ics file on Gcal...
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