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    [all variants] Choosing a Linux Music Player

    I have a website mainly for Linux & Windows security but haven't thought to post about it on Ubuntuforums until now. Recently I checked out 15 Linux music players as I considered a replacement for...
  2. [all variants] Banshee - plugin for seeking artist name by letter?

    I don't know what this is officially called, artist seek or something maybye. I want to click in the Artists pane, then press any letter so the lists jumps to the first artist with that letter in...
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    [all variants] /tmp as noexec + apt updates

    Often I read that mounting /tmp in tmpfs as noexec causes problems with apt during system updates. I've been doing this on installs of Ubuntu Precise and Quantal and the only hint of an issue it...
  4. [all variants] Re: i915 GRUB settings still useful for 3.5 kernel?

    I'm not using them on my Samsung Series 5 notebook and it runs just fine. Cool and fast, the fan is rarely on and on battery it uses about 8W. I haven't tried booting with the Grub changes yet.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Samsung Series 5 ULTRA NP530U3B

    I found this thread trying to determine why my NP530U3B suddenly wouldn't boot from anything but the internal SATA drive. I had to flash the BIOS to 11XK which fixed it but I think trying to boot a...
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