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    Re: What's your avatar?

    Och, that`s not so bad. I was worried you might be plucking your own eyeballs out. :D
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    Re: What's your avatar?


    Sorry, couldn`t resist.

    It was merely a first poor attempt in Gimp to signify a converted household. That was way back during my first weeks & months with Ubuntu and although i have gone...
  3. Re: Did you hate Linux/Ubuntu when you first time used it

    Not at all. The complete opposite in fact, which, considering my whole attitude towards using computers only a few months earlier was really quite surprising.
    Linux/Ubuntu was actually a breath of...
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    Re: Looking For A New TV Show To Watch

    I watched the first two episodes of The Event on TV myself a few nights ago and then i cheated a bit and downloaded the next four.
    I actually got fed up with the likes of Lost & Prison break after...
  5. Poll: Re: Share with the community your Maverick Meerkat install/upgrade experience

    This particular round of upgrades, when i got round to them a few days ago, had been my first where i`ve not already had the development version running on the second drive in my Desktop for at least...
  6. Re: In the Social Network, does Mark use Linux in the beginning of the movie?

    I`ve not seen the film myself yet but even my 10 Yr old daughter reckoned that "the Facebook guy was using Linux for all his work".....well, all 3 girls who went to see it did but it was the 10 Yr...
  7. Re: How can I explain the basics of computers to my mom?

    Set the computer up properly for her needs and then take some time out over the space of a few days+ to show her the basics a number of times. Bookmark plenty relevant information for her as well....
  8. Poll: Re: Should novice users still be told to "clean install, not upgrade"

    If someone without a separate home partition is going to back everything up and go through with the fresh install then there`s really nothing to be lost by at least having a go at the upgrade first...
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    Re: Ever Get Bored With Ubuntu?

    Even at about four and a half years now it`s still a relatively short time i`ve been using computers but during that time i`ve been annoyed, bemused, confused, careful, cautious, confident,...
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    Re: Are ethernet cables blue or yellow?

    I`ve still got a few crossover cables myself among the couple of dozen ethernet cables i seem to have accumulated and the jackets all different colours/shades. Namely dark Grey, light Grey, Yellow &...
  11. Poll: Re: Did you buy Windows preinstalled and just install Linux over it?

    When it came to buying my first completely new computer a couple of years ago i opted for a bunch of parts and a case and built the thing myself. It wasn`t any determination to avoid buying a machine...
  12. Re: Need suggest for films to watch, I want films like House of flying daggers, etc.

    If you liked those 2 then you should also like Red Cliff.

    One of the best films i`d seen for quite some time.
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    Re: What is the funniest movie you have ever seen?

    Monty Python would certainly be up there but some of the funniest movies i`ve watched have been the old black & white classics. Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Laurel & Hardy etc.
    Some of those guys...
  14. Re: Why do people get so emotional about their computers??

    Nothing wrong with a wee bit of the emotion when it comes to computers but like everything in life there are always those who will take things to extremes.

    Whole computers generally dont die...
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    Re: Bored over the summer?

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    Re: How do you know so much about Ubuntu?

    You may already be aware but virtual machines are great for experimenting with other OS`s in a one machine situation like yours, or indeed many other situations.
    One computer though should not...
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    Re: How do you know so much about Ubuntu?

    I wouldn`t say i know "so much" about Ubuntu/Linux in the bigger scheme of things but that which i do know i only know at all because of my children, initially anyway. I mean if it hadn`t been for...
  18. Re: So a Microsoft Activation Guy Just Hung Up on Me...

    I obviously cant be 100% sure exactly what scenario you explained to the TS chap in question but if you mentioned Linux or VM`s then perhaps you could try calling back as though you`re just trying to...
  19. Thread: Bean Counting

    by xpod

    Re: Bean Counting

    You`ll find an explanation in here.
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    Poll: Re: When do you upgrade?

    As far as my main machine(Desktop) is concerned it has the same dual boot setup now as i`ve been using since my very first months with Ubuntu. The "main machine" itself has changed & evolved in that...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Firestarter detected hit

    Bit of a typo in that command bodhi.
    I think you actually mean "lsof" and not "losf". :)

    As far as Firestarter itself is concerned that events tab seems to cause more problems than it solves....
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    Re: Native Spotify client for Linux

    Yeah, i actually remember now. Cheers for reminding me.:D
    My brains like a sieve at times so it is.
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    Re: Native Spotify client for Linux

    Seems i no longer have need of Wine, not that i had too much need of it in the first place. Spotify though was one of the 2 programs i found myself installing Wine for about a year or so after i...
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    Re: i am a father now :O

    Very well done to you all.

    I have to ask myself if Ubuntu Forums was suffering downtime more often than not around 9 months ago because there seems to be a slight baby boom as a result. :-)
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    Re: Im about to become a mommy!

    At least you have a genuine reason to be confused about your exact age. My better half knows perfectly well she`s 39 but she`s forever trying her luck with 38. :D
    Considering the circumstances i`m...
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