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    Re: Mac-style Menu Bar for GTK and Java/Swing applications!

    Wonderful addon! Great job.

    Don't know if anyone has noticed, but banshee-1 shows up as "Nereid" for the app name, and if the notification icon is enabled a white spot appears on the panel.

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    Elive invite code?

    If anyone has an extra, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Not to mention, you get 2 more. :)
  3. Poll: Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    HP Pavilion ze5400 notebook. 7.04 working flawlessly (it did freeze every now and then, but rarely).

    Upgrade? Hmm...where's the "crash and burn" option?

    It took me FOREVER to get the update...
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    Re: Missing Windows? Try this lol

    I saw this on another website...but it gets funnier each time!
    This reminds me of my old win95 computer, it took 2min to open the start button, crashed every 10 min and I had to reinstall it every...
  5. Poll: Re: Poll: Gnome vs KDE

    I have used KDE, and will have to admit, KDE has more apps, skins, etc.
    KDE is more flexible. No doubt about it. I have just been using GNOME more often...Mainly because of the new "Human" theme.
  6. Poll: Re: Poll: Gnome vs KDE

    I have both, but I use Gnome more...I like the setup.
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    Re: What made you think linux?

    I have known about Linux for 2 or 3 years, but only installed it a half-year ago...
    I've had pretty good luck with Windows. Until last year around this time, I had tons of viruses, spam, and...
  8. Poll: Re: In your opinion what is the biggest setback that is preventing Linux to widesprea

    Hardware support. The only reason I have left Windows on my computer is because of my lexmark all-in-one and various programs.
    And yeah, people are usually too darn lazy (or have slow internet) to...
  9. Re: Quick survey for all current/ex Ubuntu Linux users part of a master's thesis, p

    im finished
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