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    Need a recommendation for cheap USB KVM

    Could someone please recommend me a cheap KVM switch with a USB port? I would prefer to get one as cheap as possible. I have a very small budget for this kind of equipment and I don't mind...
  2. Re: Howto: Use BlueProximity and your cellphone for security

    Works perfectly. Samsung E2121B. The configuration was very easy and quick.
    Some people said that the screen didn't lock - please check your distance settings AND close the configuration window. If...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Quick Q - Samsung HD154UI + Molex->SATA adapter

  4. [SOLVED] Quick Q - Samsung HD154UI + Molex->SATA adapter

    Hi everyone.

    I bought a Samsung HD154UI recently. I planned to write a long essay here, but I'll shorten the post to spare you the horrible suffering :)

    In a nutshell: I have no spare...
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    Re: Describe your Dream Rig

    If I could get anything? Hmmm...

    That wouldn't exactly be a computer. It would utilise a computer but it would be so much more. What I want is a computer implant hooked up directly to the nervous...
  6. Thread: Longhorn Linux

    by xc1024

    Re: Longhorn Linux

    That idea of making Linux look and/or behave like vista is done to death. Why do people even keep doing that? If you want vista, why not just buy it?
  7. Thread: Debian users

    by xc1024

    Re: Debian users

    If you're after customising the system, Debian isn't the best one around. Too many layers for my liking. You should try Arch Linux. It also may be what you consider "pro". You never know 'till you...
  8. Re: Help me convince my stupid IT administrator to install Firefox for me

    What for? It's not like you will often move between two Linux PCs out of which one has an app and second doesn't. If you want to use app without installing on Linux, just compile it but don't install...
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    Re: Where do you get answers?

    I'd also like to add
  10. Thread: Tux at large

    by xc1024

    Tux at large

    I was at the Lee-on-the-Solent (UK) beach. I was walking along the street and noticed that one of the ice cream shops was called "Penguin Cafe". Guess what the logo was. Yes, you guessed it. The old,...
  11. Re: Microsoft has signed a deal to open its Windows 7 source code up to the Russians

    Ok. Correction. What I stated may not be fact but I'm 99% certain about it. Also, the topic title is misleading. The article linked to only mentions 2008 server + office 2010.
  12. Re: Microsoft has signed a deal to open its Windows 7 source code up to the Russians

    @Kamaboko, the source code itself is fine. It's what information they can extract from it that's dangerous.
    Russia hasn't got a good reputation for data protection (keep in mind that loads of the...
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    Re: UK: Repeal the digital economy bill

    I hope it's going to happen. But what if the next government just brings it back? That's one of my concerns, but at least we should do what we can. And still I have a bit of a feeling that this...
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    Re: Macs in high schools?

    Macs, ewww. I had those for the last year of my primary school. They were better than the win 98 pcs in the other IT room. On of those oldest w98's had even a Turbo button on the keyboard so you can...
  15. [other] Looking for Linux-compatible cheap IR adapter

    Hi. As above, I'm looking for a Linux-compatible IR adapter for a HTPC-ish project of mine. It needs to be as cheap as possible. Postage: I live in UK. Ports: parallel, serial, USB. Any advice would...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Samsung ecogreen f2 (HD154UI)

    Hi. I'm thinking of whether to buy this HDD. Anyone can describe the compatibility with Linux and reliability?
  17. Re: We can rebuild him; We haz the technology and cheezburgers

    This thread made me LOL, almost. But then, I wonder how does this cat feel now that it's got 2 pieces of metal sticking out of its body where the feet usually are.
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    Re: Breaking the Windows addiction

    Yet another reason not to even look at windows 7 then.
  19. Poll: Re: Could firefox 4 cause a resurgence in market share?

    At the moment I'm half on the Firefox side and half on Chromium side. I love Firefox, that was my first browser (after IE, that is). I used it for a long time. It was fast and very efficient. But...
  20. Re: What is the worst/dumbest computer mistakes you have ever done?

    I have a P3 with Pentium 2 socket. I took it out of the mobo and installed it again. To my surprise the POST didn't even show up. I've done loads of stuff, even took the CPU into another mobo with...
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    Re: Make Your Own Dropbox?

    It's great but Mono? Bleh, I've had enough of torturing myself with this Novell/MS hybrid crapware. And any other hybrid crapware from the abovementioned for that matter. *cough* moonlight *cough*
  22. Re: Does anyone know where I can find the wallpaper from this desktop?

    Just quick advice. Next time, try tineye. This site gives you the ability to do a reverse image search. That means that you upload a picture or give a link to it and it matches other pictures in the...
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    Re: Looking for advice on a phone

    Anyone has suggestions?
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    Re: Looking for advice on a phone

    I would, but physical keyboard is really important for me.
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    Re: Looking for advice on a phone

    Location: London
    Pay mothly is out of question, I'm a student. I cannot afford that much luxury. Actually I' say that the money is the most important requirement.
    For the network I think I may go...
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