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  1. [ubuntu] How do install the audio applets in ubuntu 804?

    I installed ubuntustudio 8.04 but without all audio/graphic programs because i had problems with installation.
    But now all is working, how can i install all audio programs from the install dvd?...
  2. [ubuntu] How to use sudo grub with ubuntustudio alternate dvd 8.04?

    can anybody explain how to use the sudo grub with the alternate dvd?
    Seems that there is no option terminal like with ubuntu livecd?

    Thanks for helping.
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    [ubuntu] Re: no bootloader after install

    Sorry was a little bit angry.
    Solved it via the xp cd recovery.
    Maybe i'll give it another try.

    Anyway the textbased manu is a bit confusing.
    You can not actually see what your doing with your...
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    [ubuntu] Re: no bootloader after install

    Thanks for any support on this developers!
    Where is the support from developers???

    Can't boot no more, due to the stupid grub!

    Thanks for killing my system.

    Yep i am a little bit angry...
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    [ubuntu] no bootloader after install

    i did not get any bootloader after install.
    on my first hd there is xp.
    and on an partition on my 2nd hd i installed ubuntustudio8.04.
    all went ok, until the reboot.
    xp starts up and no...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: 7.10 ubuntustudio hangs at 87% install.

    I thought something like that too.
    But it is strange that there is nothing displayed, that the install is something downloading.
    So it looks like it is hanging.
    You can't see how long it is going...
  7. [ubuntu] 7.10 ubuntustudio hangs at 87% install.


    yep i know 1 day for Hardy.
    If i noticed it earlier i wouldnt try this version.
    But anyway when the install asked to install more programs audio video ectera i said Yes. and then at 87%...
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