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    Re: My savings using Linux

    When I built my new desktop (now main server) I repurposed older parts. All I had to get on Ebay was a mobo and psu. i5 3470 with 8gb of ram. Works great. According to my KillAWatt I'm pulling about...
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    Re: My savings using Linux

    I agree on the number, my scale is smaller. I've moved at least 10 friends to linux, 1000 bucks right there vs a windows home version. At home, not including software I'd ballpark another 1000 bucks...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Problem mounting netwrok directory using NFS via FSTAB

    is there a reason not to use autofs rather than fstab for this? i had regular issues with fstab mounting for network drives, in particular occasional hanging on shutdowns and so forth. autofs has...
  4. Re: best backup strategy for media files?

    a proper backup for media is a copy somewhere. that can be cumbersome though imo for media if you regularly add to it. while not a true backup, i like the way snapraid works. is easy to work with and...
  5. Re: How can I access a local PC with the hostname?

    Many tutorials suggest just typing in a machines hostname to target it. That simply won't work unless the ip is added to the hosts file of the connecting machine or a private dns server, and with a...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: move videos/documents/folder to ssd

    depends on the permissions of the ssd location. hard to do without the terminal, 2 seconds with it. don't be afraid.
  7. Re: can someone describe the main user benefits of snaps?

    i love ubuntu but i moved my main server to debian because i wanted the maximum stability and reliability i could get. with snapd being available on debian i was able to effortlessly add lxd and move...
  8. Re: Ubuntu 18.4 trying to get Ipod to work

    apple has gone out of their way to make sure their stuff only works with itunes. you can try a windows virtual machine for that i suppose. but i'm guessing it won't get farther than that. people have...
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    Re: Desktop mode or server mode?

    i disagree. one should learn a system the way it's meant to be used i believe. if you are running a server then learn to run a server. besides from what i've seen over the years trying to run gui...
  10. Re: apt local repository - dependencies present but...unmet

    i think it should have the drivers included. just because the installer didn't see it means nothing. i've had a few installs where wifi worked post install, but didn't exist during installation.

  11. Re: Cron script that checks for process and restarts system

    Why not just restart the service. Rebooting should be rarely needed. Certainly not to reload a service.

    Run these with an @reboot as the regular user in crontab and they will check every 30...
  12. Re: You can change fashion and clothing with supreme power. What do you change?

    remove slippers, sweat pants as acceptable public attire. wife beater shirts as well, sick of seeing nasty piles of armpit hair. show a little self respect and dress properly dammit.
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    Re: Whatever happened to Ubuntu

    I would suggest you use 18.04 and stick with LTS releases. The middle ones are more like testing grounds in my experience, and I've never had any success with any of them. I've been pure LTS for a...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Scheduling Weekly Reboots

    remove the ]
  15. [SOLVED] Re: Can a computer be a web server and a FTP server?

    Without delving into types of servers, a single machine can function as many services as you want without trouble. Not ideal of course, but it will work assuming things don't share the same ports to...
  16. [server] Re: System and data on raid 1 or system on one disk and data on raid 1 ??

    I'd say it depends on your data. If it's stuff that almost never changes and your IO needs aren't extreme then maybe a combination of mergerfs and snapraid might be better? Then you wouldn't waste...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Cleaner is not installable in Ubuntu 19.10

    There is a ppa for it but why. Linux doesn't need cleaners like Windows does. Other than the kernels the other stuff takes up so little space it almost isn't even worth the space on the drive for the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Scheduling Weekly Reboots

    Just a curiosity question. Why reboot it at all? I leave mine running 24/7 unless I have an absolute need to power down or reboot. For me my uptimes are measured in the weeks / months usually until...
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    [other] Re: Backup want fully complete

    Deja dup needs a running system to restore to. So backing up all of root is pointless. It is for backing up home directories, nothing more.

    Just backup user homes. Its usually quicker to reinstall...
  20. Re: Plant based "Meats". Your opinion?

    May be true. However I can't even think of a single time science has flip flopped on vegetables and plants, saving finding out something was poisonous or something. I can recall countless times in...
  21. Re: Best way to share docs between desktop and laptop?

    I keep all my stuff on my server at home. Everything is shared around the house with autofs mounts over nfs to each machine requiring them. Makes it easy to manage a single script instead of updating...
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    Re: Mythbuntu replacement?

    Mythtv is fairly simple to set up. I do mine on a plain ubuntu server installation. everything is in separate lxd containers. 5-10 minutes + package install time. This is the short list of much...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: recovery of drive after accidental chown -R / on only /bin, /boot, /etc, /dev

    Nope. Some things are owned by other system users or groups depending on the service. You would have to practically go through the files one by one, and there are thousands.

    Technically possible,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: mysql 5.7.x on Ubuntu 19.10

    Unless you do this in docker complete with the sql that it needs staying on 5.7 is pointless. You can't expect users of your software to install old unsupported software to make yours work. Part of...
  25. Re: Whu does Ubuntu use so much resources

    ps aux --sort -rss

    Try that. It will list your processes by highest usage from the top down. You can isolate it that way. Found here.
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