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  1. Re: WoW Players, what FPS are you getting with what hardware?

    Basically the same problem I have which is why I still dual boot.
    4gigs of ram
    1680x1050 with settings as low as I can

    Under Win7 I get 60fps(capped through console command) no...
  2. Re: GREAT WoW framerate with Catalyst 8.10, but at a price.

    From what i've heard its a problem with the ATI driver and the wow minimap. Try minimizing your minimap
  3. Poll: [all variants] Re: Ultralight laptop - good keyboard - lighter than 1kg possible? Vote!

    I second the 2133. I have had mine for a week and I love it. The screen is beautiful. I got the high end version and ubuntu runs amazing on it.
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    Re: A new Linux sci-fi mmorpg under development !

    It is looking quite amazing, I can't wait to give it a try.

    Out of curiousity what software are you using to develope the game?
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    Re: Gaming mouse recommendations??

    THanks for the link but I have already done that. I have the forward and back buttons working, its the DPI + and - buttons that cant be mapped. Sounds like a crutch but I need those extra 2 buttons...
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    Gaming mouse recommendations??

    I use a MX518 on my work laptop which runs XP. I have grown accustom to mapping most of the buttons for use in playing WoW. Under ubuntu I am unable to map the on the on the fly + and - buttons.
  7. Thread: WoW Issues

    by trxDraxon

    WoW Issues

    I was wondering if anyone has anymore suggestions on anything I can try to get better FPS running WoW under Wine on Edgy. Like most other posts I've read through I get 30ish FPS indoors but the...
  8. Re: HOWTO: Configuring Logitech mice in Ubuntu 6.06: New Guide

    Okay got the cruise buttons to work with lomoco. They now change the DPI on the fly no problem. But they still dont create an event in xev. What I want to get done is be able to map them to a key...
  9. Re: HOWTO: Configuring Logitech mice in Ubuntu 6.06: New Guide

    Yes I did, this is what I added to it:
  10. Re: HOWTO: Configuring Logitech mice in Ubuntu 6.06: New Guide

    I have a MX518 and I have gotten the back and forward and app switcher buttons to work but I cant get the dpi up and down buttons to work. I am not really sure what to try next as I am pretty new to...
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