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  1. [ubuntu] How to recover NTFS partitions after Installing Ubuntu

    Usually I install Ubuntu Alongside windows , this time I decide to make Ubuntu the main system so I choose erase disk blah blah option which has a description say "It will delete my documents ,...
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    Re: Unknown Display & missing mode

    thanks i will download and install the 16.4 as soon as possible
    that's the file :271277 hope that helps
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    Unknown Display & missing mode

    i'm newbie to ubuntu , when i tried to change the resolution to 1280x1024 it's missing !!!
    just give me 2 modes 800x600 , 1024x768 :-k:-k
    so there's anyway to fix it ? :D
    i running a ubuntu 15.10...
  4. مشكلة فى سرعة التحميل

    السلام عليكم عندى مشكلة فى اوبنتو 15.10 هذه اول مرة استخدم فيها هذا النظام اعجبنى كثيرا و لكن يضايقنى سرعة التحميل فى سرعة التحميل فى الويندوز تكون ما يقارب 130 كيلوا بايت
    :(و عندما احمل نفس...
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