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  1. [ubuntu_studio] can not boot to desk top in Ubuntu studio

    installing Ubuntu studio. When it starts to boot for the first time it asks for my logan ...that works ..then my password..that works ..then it goes to a command promp. that has my computer user...
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    [ubuntu_studio] starting Ubuntu studio

    When I install Ubuntu studio 64 bit when it comes to the first boot it ask for my logan which I put in then it ask for my password which I put in. then it goes to a command promp. I do not know what...
  3. [ubuntu_studio] verison wireless modem and ubuntu studio

    yee ha!!!:guitar: I have ubuntu studio 64 bit, up and running. If anyone has a verison wireless modem. If you down load Ubuntu you do not have to do anything but plug it in. and click auto connect...
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    [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu studio command line stops

    Help I am new to linux. I just ran the DVD for ubuntu studio after I ran the instalation and it went to reboot it started fine I put in my logan password then it had more word then it stopped at this...
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    [ubuntu_studio] Re: trying to install Ubuntu studio

    I made an error on my last message on here.
    the problem that I see flashing in front of me says


    my user name is roy and I am also using roy as administrator and root logan I do not...
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    [ubuntu_studio] trying to install Ubuntu studio

    I ran the install DVD for Ubuntu studio that I downloaded. It installed fine tell it was time to take out the DVD and reboot. it rebooted fine then it came to the Logan and password thing, I put mine...
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