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    Re: memory lane,.. (yes I am bragging)

    Good for you.
    How about System Engineer position requirement and scope of work in your region?
    I am from Asean, skill requirement is not very high, and fragmented
    I graduated in domestics as...
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    Re: Bragging about my desktop

    My laptop is not very old but it is weak, Asus X451CA, Celeron 1007U, fixed 2G Ram, 128Gb SSD, DVD-RW.
    Now run Kali live-persistence to utilize RT-5390 to the fullest
    Also dual boot Windows 8.1
  3. Re: How many parts of your pc can you replace before Windows stops working?

    My old laptop replace RAM, HDD ok. Update UEFI Bios not OK
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    Re: Linux, Windows and desktop

    My 1st experience with Linux was since 1999 from a RedHat CD. Tried few weeks then forgot about it, until 2 years ago with Debian on my IvyBridge laptop. Now Ubuntu Gnome is my prefer distro together...
  5. Re: Wayland should not be the default in 18.04.

    Totally AGREE. I've tried 17.10 Wayland on my tablet, but it breaks TouchScreen features on Gnome 3. For example: caribou, terminal, etc
  6. Re: Stuck in grub need help asap! 'I have a report due tomorrow.'

    You should boot from your installation media, then chroot to the installed partition, then do grub-install
  7. Re: 24 Things I've Learned As A Developer Living On Ubuntu For A Weekish

    How about this analysis Usage_share_of_operating_systems?
    Many parties may ague about their claimed share of the market. I think those figure need more statistic, breakdown to geo-economic...
  8. Re: 24 Things I've Learned As A Developer Living On Ubuntu For A Weekish

    Ah yeah, there are sectors that invest their back end infrastructure in Posix. But for front end I don't think they can avoid Windows or macOS.
  9. Re: 24 Things I've Learned As A Developer Living On Ubuntu For A Weekish

    :D that's real, for the joke, what lead many people to Linux, me included
  10. Re: 24 Things I've Learned As A Developer Living On Ubuntu For A Weekish

    I understand that you mean the overall Windows's drivers base is not the sole effort of MS. Besides, I think MS have some kind of strive in integration, how ever.
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here

    In my country,
    1. desktop user: 70% Windows, 20% macOS, 10% Linux.
    2. Enterprise: 80% Windows.
    3. ISP: 90% Posix, 10% Windows.
    4. Mobile user: 65% Android, 35% iOS.
    That's what I guess
  12. Re: 24 Things I've Learned As A Developer Living On Ubuntu For A Weekish

    What I found, supposed I am more used to Windows, and as a desktop user: Ubuntu is open-source, but Windows supports all hardware. So for full hardware usage, I use Windows, for very specific reason,...
  13. Re: 24 Things I've Learned As A Developer Living On Ubuntu For A Weekish

    Hello, 2 years seasonal experience with Linux. Yet this is correct

    1 of the problem, I don't find a solution:
    I have a Live ISO partition with a Persistence partition which is growth to 8GB as...
  14. Re: Ubuntu 17.10 unable to detect One by Wacom USB Pen Tablet Model CTL-472

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    Re: Post your .conkyrc files w/ screenshots

    no thing special except geo-location based weather
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    Re: Live persistence on EXT4

    This, I just want to share a method to make LiveUSB/CD on ext4 bootable
    I attach here the ext4 supported bootx64.efi
    Just copy it to ESP/EFI and it will boot any distro LiveUSB/CD on ext4...
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    Re: Help with grub.cfg.

    Just copy rEFInd to your ESP/EFI, it will detect linux kernel and let you boot to Mint

    I have androidx86 but I load it by Ubuntu's grub instead of it own grub
    So I don't know how the androidx86...
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    Live persistence on EXT4

    Hi all,
    I make a Live persistence on a hdd partition.
    It is actually Raw on FAT32 for Live part and EXT4 for persistence data part.
    I think convert from FAT32 to EXT4 for Live part would make it...
  19. Thread: Cube Mix Plus

    by virgosun

    [ubuntu] Re: Cube Mix Plus

    Here you are

    Does 2 OmniVison camera work? How?

    I have good news for you.
    See attachment

    Update solved on
    I am on 17.04 with systemd 234
  20. [gnome] Re: Ubuntu 17.04 Gnome Wacom stylus not recognized

    mine manual install from wacomlinux, both internel and external devices GUI enables277693
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    no hardware info Kaby Lake

    Linux can not detect my front and rear SkyCam.
    Other tools like lscpi, lsusb, hwinfo, lshw, hardinfo don't not display human readable info as in Broadwell
    Windows 10 full device loaded but same...
  22. Advance programming should not be algorithm

    Should be OS specific.
    Algorithms is for any language and OS not only to Ubuntu
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    Re: Converting a C# project to Java

    If the main project references some library project, some also in VB#. Some require NuGet packages, WCF, etc, the matter is more complicated than a rewrite.
    Further more you are misleading, the...
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    Re: coming from VB, trying to create an app

    Hey. why dont you think about Java? I have migrated from c# to JavaFx successfully. It even run on macOS, write one, run everywhere. Of course if you dont really need to access pre-built, OS-Specific...
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    Re: Converting a C# project to Java

    It will not work. I have tried lot of tools. Converted code is just worth as a reference, not to mention .NET has no equivalent in JAVA.
    I have to rewrite all code in JAVA.
    Let's take a look at...
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