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  1. Re: Acer BIOS has no option to change boot order

    makes sense. just because you can install linux on your fridge doesn't mean everyone should.

    would the EasyBCD work in this case?

    make sure to read documentations...
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    Re: Acer laptop toasted

    you can boot to text mode by modifying boot parameters in grub.

    more here:
    and here:

    when in...
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    Re: Company Linux Requirements

    and also depends on the commission that the management is getting for pushing MS products.
  4. [xubuntu] Re: Nividia GTX 1060 drivers causing system freezes

    run a few tests using phoronix test suite to see if specific setting is causing the issue or just that demanding stuff can't be processed (in which case Autodave could be right and there is something...
  5. Re: Samba or ?? (Switching from Windows to Ubuntu, incl. Active Directory)

    have a look at the Zentyal project (Ubuntu based). OpenLDAP can be used insetad of AD.

    or Nethserver (CentOS based).
  6. Re: Need help wine Xubuntu Ragnarok Online game

    hard to say from the given information. here are some things you can try:
    1. sometimes manually changing the game's configuration file to correct resolution or to full screen solves the issue....
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    Re: 12 hour times or 24 hour times?

    "see you at 10, bye."

    now figure it out if it's 10 am or pm. :)
  8. Re: Why change from Windows 10 on a fast desktop ?

    you can do that in virtual machines. in fact there you can easily load different OS. And the PC doesn't have to be to strong. i mean, if i could do it on my 15 year old single core PC with winxp...
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    Re: Buying New Laptop Video Editing

    there was some good advice in The Guardian "What’s the best PC for video editing for 1,000?":
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    Re: any support

    Bug reports are quite automated and easy to do.

    still the important thing is to know it is a bug. this is the hard part.

    IRC is faster....
  11. Re: Problems with the graphics on my laptop

    in any case you can switch between both in Ubuntu (i believe before logging in). But for example Kubuntu comes with the old X server by default. Likely the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Good SNAP write up or how to

    to me it gives the option to run the latest application on older version of the OS (the LTS). and a si understand you can also run an older version of the app on latest version of the OS. sometimes...
  13. Re: Can you recommend a good computer repair kit?

    oh yes, we forgot about the spell book. the spell book is a must if you haven't memorised all the spells. some people still think that repairing a piece of tech was a work of magic...
  14. Re: Problems with the graphics on my laptop

    are you using Wayland maybe? would it help if you switched over to X sever?

    how do any full screen apps behave (e.g. games?). what happens if you run for example phoronix test suite? the chip you...
  15. Re: Can you recommend a good computer repair kit?

    i bought a small set on sale on Aliexpress. they had larger ones, but this one seemed ok for my use. it has various kinds of screw drivers for mobile and PC repair. it also has pincers, a nice...
  16. Re: Getting VGA display to work on laptop without screen.

    try to access system settings in Kubuntu using right click. then you should be able to set default monitor.

    or change monitors.xml file:
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    Re: plugging your computer into "220"

    also add a video camera and hit record. :)
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    Re: Ubuntu as a Network Backup Server

    have a look ar UrBackup and BackupPC.

    here is a wiki list:
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    Re: Ubuntu: pretty darn good

    it seems most people are annoyed with them.

    in enterprise edition, the company's IT is handling them. so we would get a notifications that they are ready for download. then we can postpone the...
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    Re: Sometimes I wonder...

    i am not sure lightdm is connected with the keyring. keyring is password manager so it should open for certain applications only (those where passwords are stored for example).
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu on a DeskMini A300 ??

    looks like it is new and some reports suggest manjaro KDE works that has new kernel, ubuntu has issues.

    the issue is likely older kernel in Ubuntu. maybe with 19.10 beta?

    looks like a nice...
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    Re: Ubuntu: pretty darn good

    why did you ditch windows 10? just curious. i hardly notice it (enterprise edition) on my work laptop (no issues, no crashes, no problems, no perfomance issues...). and this is how i want the OS to...
  23. Re: What can I read on how to actually set up my web site?

    you don't need it.

    sites like wodpress, drupal, joomla... need it. why? because for one they have user data base (admin user, moderators, users that post comments...). php is used for more complex...
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    Re: Sometimes I wonder...

    keyring or Kwallet replace the need for password manager. so they have their use.

    as for me i auto login at boot, kwallet opens up only when running chromium. i think the updates are handled with...
  25. Re: I wish a free car racing game becomes available on Steam.

    just last week (or was it the previous week?!) they had dirt rally for free. does'tn run on my old box, but i got it anyway :)

    sign up to GOG and humble bundle. sometimes they give games. also add...
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