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  1. Re: Rhythmbox + SMB + 2 TB of FLAC = Totally Unusable

    I recently built a new machine and loaded 13.04. Rhythmbox will not play any radio station that was not part of the preloaded list of stations. Rhythmbox will not play from music from my large FLAC...
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I use only Ubuntu, desktop and home server. All of the software I need is in the repositories (or PPA). I was a Windows user but found that Ruby Ripper works as well as EAC, Puddletag as well as...
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    Re: To many people bad mouthing Ubuntu and Unity

    I installed 11.4 on one of the systems in my home network and took a look. Much of it is simply a different approach to accomplishing the same tasks in, what I have been able to determine so far,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Evolution is slow: "Formatting message..."

    This is one of the major drawbacks with Evolution and a problem I have experienced for too long. You can try to read email with the preview payne but the ¨formatting message¨ can take way too much...
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    [SOLVED] Re: How To: Use USAA Deposit@Home on 10.04 Lucid

    This process worked well for me. Leaving Windows is a slow process, now quickly accelerated by the ability to scan my deposits.

    Thanks for taking the time to post this information
  6. [ubuntu] Re: 8.10 64 bit desktop CD: errors found in 10 files

    How is the install going dishbert?

    One thought I had was for you to download, burn, and try an install from the "alternate" disc:

  7. [ubuntu] Re: using an ubuntu server to create a media player with a web interface

    If I understand the OP's question correctly, you have a Window's server, a Window's desktop, and you're running Apple software which all involvles an Apple iPhone.

    Whouldn't it be more appropiate...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: 8.10 64 bit desktop CD: errors found in 10 files

    Of course I have burned install discs that did not work properly. A second try is usually all that is needed.

    Have you considered the possibility that the media you are using is of dubious...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: using an ubuntu server to create a media player with a web interface

    I like Handy's solution and there are several other ways to do this.

    Building a simple, headless server offers the best flexibility of a central location for your music database (or anything...
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    [ubuntu] Re: I want a media server, which one????

    I am currently exploring media server options.

    Some of them:

    1. Remapping of the player programs music source to the directory of a remote machine on the network. This technique may require...
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    [ubuntu] Re: rhythmbox unknown error

    One way to eliminate "unknown playback errors" is to rebuild your rhythmdb.xml file.

    1. Use the search function to delete the file (found here): /home/<user>/.gnome2/rhythmbox/rhythmdb.xml

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    [ubuntu] Re: rhythmbox unknown error

    I am currently experiencing the same frustrating problem. Most of my music files from my server play normally but there are a few albums that just do not play on any Ubuntu machine (I have one 8.4...
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    Poll: Re: Do you use Ekiga?

    I had been using Gizmo but as it has limited Linux support (at least not for video) I decided to try Ekiga.

    I believe many of the no votes were made by people who either are not really sure what...
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