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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Accelerometer HP Drive Guard support in 9.10?

    Sorry for asking this here but I have strange problem:
    I have HP ProBook 4510s which came with Suse Linux. I removed it and installed XP and Ubuntu 9.10
    XP works fine. Ubuntu sometimes loads...
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    Re: can't install JMF from bin file

    For me JMF installed ok as I wrote in my previous post.

    But when I start JMF Studio and go to this menu:
    File -> Preferences -> Capture Devices
    I see only "JavaSound Audio Capture" in the list....
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    Re: can't install JMF from bin file

    Thanks Eestlane! and Thanks to giovani to :)
    Installed fine! I will check how webcam works later, but JMF installed well on 9.04.

    Small note: for me downloaded file size is 2419676, not...
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    Re: can't install JMF from bin file

    same problem here, on 9.04

    chmod u+x jmf-2_1_1e-linux-i586.bin


    after answering dialog questions, I have this output

  5. [ubuntu] Re: TV Capture Card not detected -- AverTV Hybrid Volar Max

    on 9.04

    AverTV Hybrid Volar HX (HX uses same driver as MAX)
    Driver downloaded from here:
  6. Re: უბუნტუ ლინუქსის ფორუმის წევრები!

    ვაა ჩემებურებო? :)
    ჰეჰ, მაგარია ! :guitar:
  7. Re: What is your killer Windows app/ app you simply can't be without in Linux?

    Rational Rose: No other UML tools force you to use correct steps when designing software.
    Lock On - Flaming Cliffs : Best military flight simulator. (Win)
    Falcon 4.0: Allied Force : best sim for...
  8. How to install previous versions from repository?


    I want to install Linux Standard Base (LSB) v3.1 on Ubuntu 8.04 but in Synaptic package manager I see only latest 3.2 version.
    I also may need to install previous version of Alien if there...
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