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    [other] Re: Replace refit with Grub2

    efi firmware has nothing to do with mac <-> linux binary compatability for executables cause you are compiling firmware which can be understood by intel...
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    [all variants] Re: rEFIt Humanity Icon Theme

    Thank you hope you are enjoying it =)

    38 downloads so far !!!!
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    [other] Re: Replace refit with Grub2

    I've managed to get grub2-efi to boot but it still needed to be blessed for Macbook firmware to pick it up. (google linus talking about macs and efi). Didn't have windows installed so mum there.
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    [all variants] rEFIt Humanity Icon Theme

    Hello all!

    I've converted Humanity icons and made the package which updates boot icons. Fake screenshot attached (rEFIt can't make screenshots by default).

    You can download mac installation...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Some phtml woes with

    By the way everything works fine in Chromium. So it's Ubuntu <-> Firefox issue =(((((

    I want to use neopets on firefox though.
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    [ubuntu] Some phtml woes with

    When i use Firefox and Ubuntu (any, currently on Karmic). have a lot of phtml based games. And it doesn't let me complete quite a few of them (Those that take you to process page and...
  7. Poll: Re: Future of gnome-based ubuntu edition after gnome 3.0

    The default set of applications in gnome no longer meets my requirements. The things I did use Banshee/Gnome-Do made it more usuable but not good enough (notification area still required a panel, and...
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    Re: Creating IGES / STEP models

    Thanks for suggestion. Salome didn't workout for me yet (it's too big 1.4GB i don't have enough space I will try it when I clean up my hdd).

    On the otherhand I did try brlcad and it seems to work...
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    Creating IGES / STEP models

    Is there software that can create 3D IGES / STEP models???

    I did use Blender but unfortunately it can only export triangular meshes in various formats, not NURBS files eg. IGES / STEP.
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    Re: Gnomesword vs. Bibletime...thoughts??

    Bibletime is an application written with KDE in mind, but no you do not need to install a "full working KDE environment"

    If you want to use install bibletime, just go into synaptic and install it...
  11. Make variables.... lazy-simple expandable?

    TEMP_DIR=$(shell mktemp -d)

    I have get-orig-source target and I'm using a tmp dir to do all the repackaging. But I'm struggling with correct variable assignment.

    If I do "=" assignment each...
  12. Re: Seriously - Mathcad (or something similiar?)

    Try TeXmacs

    1) Graphical
    2) Beautiful formulas (LaTeX THE best math formulas you ever going to see)
    3) Plugin interface to SAGE


    Configurable, simply to change some values and print!
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    [ubuntu] PulseAudio stopped to work

    I've tried purging and reinstalling. Didn't help.

    I can hear the login drums sound, but no other sound is coming from any other applications.

    PulseAudio device chooser doesn't show any...
  14. Upgrade wubi installation from Fat to NTFS

    Wubi installed on D:\ which is FAT format.

    I'm planning to upgrade it to NTFS, so that I can have bigger virtual disks.

    Will it break Wubi installation? Is it safe to do this?
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    Re: git-buildpackage question

    That's quite funky. What is the package you are building? I want to try it myself =D
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    [ubuntu] Re: Only sudo can play sound

    Heya. Thank you for suggestions but........ still only sudo can play music

    Here is the results for actions you two have suggested.

    dmitrij@samara:~$ asoundconf list
    Names of available sound...
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    [ubuntu] Only sudo can play sound

    Sudo can see soundcards, run alsamixer and play music. Without sudo it doesn't =(

    Any help?

    I've tried to use the defenite sound guide in the sticky but it has nothing about my problem.

  18. [ubuntu] Re: Firefox window is bigger than desktop on startup.

    Alt+L-click didn't work

    Going into Appreance Preferences and turning visual effects to none. Made my firefox behave.

    Thanks a lot. I've turned compiz back on and it's fine now =D
  19. [ubuntu] Firefox window is bigger than desktop on startup.

    Firefox window is huge (can't see border controls)

    Everytime I start it looks like this. I've tried Alt+Space to bring the window control menu, selected move/resize both didn't work =(.

  20. [all variants] Re: "extra" help to boot of DVD from grub

    I've used later part of this wiki page

    It was giving me error 15.

    So I pressed "c" to go to console. I've typed

    kernel ...
  21. [all variants] [SOLVED] "extra" help to boot of DVD from grub

    I got IBM ThinkPad T30 for free as a present. It had Windows XP on it. I've burned Ibex Live CD onto DVD+R, popped it in, reboot, choose to boot of cd and it failed.

    In windows I've ran the Wubi,...
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    Poll: Re: Call for banning MONO

    I love Gnome-Do. It is amazing and I can't live without it. It is written in C# using mono. And I don't care because I know that C# is already well defined language, and mono can take the libraries...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Please help to configure ipython in Emacs

    Solved it.

    I had to install python-mode and then do this in my ~/.emacs

    (autoload 'python-mode "python-mode" "Python Mode." t)
    (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.py\\'" . python-mode))...
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    Embed NumPy in Latex

    I have started to migrate to numpy from matlab. Also I use Latex and emacs. Similar to matlab I know export my figures as eps and then include them in latex.

    But I would love to have the power of...
  25. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Please help to configure ipython in Emacs

    Heya! I've started to use scipy and I really want to use ipython in an emacs buffer. I have pymacs, emacs-snapshot and ipython installed.

    I've added this to ~/.emacs

    (require 'ipython)
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